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New Jerseys - 2016 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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TMP402 said:
That's what we call cheap design. :D
Took me a long time tor realise the black blob on the GB jersey is the royal coat of arms with the lion and the unicorn. I thought it was angry natives putting Popeye in a cauldron while waving palm fronds at first. Or a rock band playing with the drums in the background and the singer holding the mic at the top. Maybe that's the idea:


"Tell me the first thing that comes into your head". "Nutella, no, marginal gains, no, eh, Vino on The Mall. Arrgghh the memories..."
1. Denmark.
2. Also Denmark.
3. Argentina.
4. Latvia.
5. All of the boring ones that are distinctly coloured.
6. All of the boring ones that are basically white.
7. Switzerland.
8. Britain.

What in the name of God were they thinking with the British one? That's the kind of mess that would get you expelled from an undergraduate design course as a hopeless case. It's as if they couldn't choose between two ugly jerseys, so they superimposed the two on top of each other to make one hideous one.
Alexandre B. said:
A more clear shot of France jersey.

That bike and helmet colour choice of Alaphilippe. :eek:

That's not his choice. All of Etixx (maybe all riders from all teams sponsored by Specialized) will be sporting that paint scheme as part of the brand's Olympic Torch limited edition collection. The paint switches between yellow and orange depending on the temperature.