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Oct 27, 2020
Every time I saw that word on the back of the shorts I felt like a 4 year old...

I don't much care for the T/S jerseys -- there's "classic" and then there's "we couldn't come up with anything interesting so we'll call it 'classic.'"
There's not much creativity going on in the WT anyway. It's all just subtle changes YoY last couple of seasons.
There was another design. A 'better' one. Seems like they lastminute wanted to hold on to brown or something.

It's not pretty. Could become 'cool' if they ride to success with it.
Lol it looks like a billboard. Just terrible.
I know the point IS to be a billboard, but unfortunately I agree.

I had hoped for something more graphic and less texty. Also not sure the brown shorts work in this context they way they did with a single sponsor.

But I guess the real test is how it works in the context of the peloton, and with Sunweb gone only UAE have a white field/black text design, so maybe it will be fine.

I'm still thinking EF will be my favorite jerseys. Hope they do another collab this year, and that Nippo don't demand too much jersey real estate...barring that, I'm liking Bora and TJV -- and to be honest, the Ineos red/black fade was OK, not sure if they've released 2021 jersey yet.
Not a fan of the new AG2R La Citroen Mondiale kit. Some people say it stands out but I think it stands out because we're not accustomed to such bland designs. I'm doubtful about white jerseys with red and brown logos being particularly eye-catching in the peloton during the races. It gives me a 1980-ish something vibe but not for the reasons you would want.


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