No 2020 Amgen Tour of California?

Jan 8, 2020
Sad to hear no 2020 Amgen Tour. I live in the East Foothills of San Jose CA one of the best road biking areas in the country. So good it is, the Amgen Tour came here to my backyard 13 times. Saw Peter Sagan 9 times, 5 different Tour de France GC winners plus the best sprinters, Cavendish, Kittel, Kristoff. Always had a great time watching-cheering. Very lucky! This is a big loss for my cycling community as well as for California and America! Is it about money or something else and will it ever return?
This is old news by now. There will indeed be no ToC this year. As far as i remember, not indefinitely, but no word on whether or not it will take place in 2021.

Google might have helped you even better:
Indeed a money issue.

You can read the discussion about the cancellation in the 2019 topic starting here:
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American model makes it hard to run an event on publlic roads, cost of closing roads was way higher as nothing for free, then local business didn't always want cover those costs and seems tourism board hesitated too. Great race but like alot of races in the US, it struggled to get enough $$$'s, wondering will another week race try push into this slot as an alternative to a giro.


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