Nordic Skiing/Biathlon Thread

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Therese has already taken half the gap before the hill...

As soon as the hill started, Therese caught her... then just jump skated away from her. The gap is already big and also Weng has caught 24" back between the 4km checkpoint and the base of the hill, Østberg is dropping hard it seems, Heidi's been regularly one minute down on Therese or so on this climb, it's possible...
So the stage times:

1 Therese Johaug 33:14.8
2 Heidi Weng +1:25.9
3 Liz Stephen +1:29.6
4 Ragnhild Haga +1:36.2
5 Charlotte Kalla +1:38.1
6 Kerttu Niskanen +1:43.0
7 Nathalie von Siebenthal +1:53.3
8 Maria Rydqvist +1:58.7
9 Anne Kyllönen +2:15.7
10 Steffi Böhler +2:26.9
Sep 25, 2009
i expected ustiugov to beat northug, but by almost 50 seconds :eek: that must be humiliating for a guy who is prolly heavier than him