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O Gran Camiño 2024, Spain, February 22-25

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Vingo incredibly strong, not entirely unexpected of course. Bernal, nice surprise. MOTM was Kelderman, did the chasing on the flat and was the last man on the climb. Visma have to use their riders a bit smarter, certainly their devo rider Tijmen Graat couldn't do much because he simply couldn't hold Kelderman's wheel.
Tulett seemed affected by the weather. Uijtdebroeks was in a protected role.
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I don't think he has both.
He's been pretty open about the fact that they've gotten married, he just hasn't been open about when it happened.
Previous tributes were his to his girlfriend, today It was to his wife as the ring symbolized, so he clearly put a ring on it, also seems like he took her last surname "Hansen"
His wife Trine Hansen & his child Frida is everything to him and he often flip to tears when talking about them, - she was previously his boss (at one of the smaller semi-amateur teams) she is also quite a bit older than him, like more than a decade older but after extensive begging for a date, she agreed to go on a date with him.

No doubt that Jonas Vingegaard is a very introverted & shy type, and doesn't seem to crave the spotlight like other sport-athletes.( I kind of like that,, flamboyant attitudes are not my cup of tea)

I am not sure if he had a hard time in his own family (parents) as he is quite silent about them,- but working at the fish factory in Glyngore.. they likely didn't have a lot of money, and tripping around to cycling events ain't cheap.
They are a cute couple

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