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O Gran Camiño 2024, Spain, February 22-25

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Yup, therefore Tarling has some chances tomorrow! It will be interesting to see how Skeletor performs in those early season races though. What w/kg will he bring this year?
Time to step up from 7 w/kg to 7.1 w/kg!

Now seriously, monte aloia on sunday, is the perfect climb like lo port in vuelta catalunya 2023 for a "watts bazooka".
Low altitude, almost 20 minute effort, climb with road in good condition. I want to see him going full gas.
He has come to chew bubblegum and drop watt bombs. And he's all out of bubblegum

Feb 21, 2024
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Would love to see him win, but at the Olympics I expect Ganna in the form of his life. WC TT the race will be too difficult, and he won’t win from Evenepoel
Perhaps Ganna will do that, but certainly the fact that Tarling is on GB and is primarily targeting the Olympics TT puts him at a significant advantage. WC TT is mostly flat with fairly small amount of climbing in very long course. He wouldn't have to be much stronger than Remco on the flat to win. I'm not sure if the fact the road race course is very hilly is making people confused about how hilly the TT is?

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After a few days of warm temperatures for the season a cold front will sweep the Iberian Peninsula starting tomorrow bringing strong winds, rain and snow in the North above 800m.

"The organization is excellent... because they let us cancel anytime we like"
Just read route map of 1st stage from race official site.
Must say that's some quirckly slopes, calling for levels of bike handling ..and dry conditions.
Regarding the latter - depending on weather forecast site - seems to be fully dry roads for first good starting pack of riders. Then so-and-so few drops mid event. With last starting riders in damped conditions.

Should be interesting how many drops from tve sky it will end up with. Expect a crash or two for those risking it all.