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O Gran Camiño 2024, Spain, February 22-25

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Feb 21, 2024
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what a total joke. what's worse is if the riders are cool with it.

I wish a few guys would just tool around at 28kph
Quite a few did just roll it in, but realistically pros are so strong even them riding easy isn't going to be that slow as they still want to get it over and done with. Although there was Sosa who looked like he was going full and averaged 38.
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Comment probably no one will care about:

The route of yesterday's stage is great for a casual recreational ride. Most part of the route (the one paralell to the sea) can be done on a pathway secluded from the road and the one which has to be done on open traffic has a low traffic volume - did it last summer a couple of times (without the final cobbled climb to 'Torre de Hercules' which is always crowded by tourists)

By the way, the small bump credited as 200m at 6% on PCS felt like Mur de Huy after a couple of years away from the bike.
Just read route map of 1st stage from race official site.
Must say that's some quirckly slopes, calling for levels of bike handling ..and dry conditions.
Regarding the latter - depending on weather forecast site - seems to be fully dry roads for first good starting pack of riders. Then so-and-so few drops mid event. With last starting riders in damped conditions.

Should be interesting how many drops from tve sky it will end up with. Expect a crash or two for those risking it all.
Oh, that didn't age well.
Just watched the show. Absolutely horrific. They should do charity while cruising.
20-25 km/h headwind in the finale (finish-line at the bonus sprint, they go clock-wise):


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Cabeza de carrera (x11)
15 Jorge Arcas (MOV)
62 Sebastian Berwick (CJR)
77 Diego Uriarte (EKP)
81 Jose Manuel Diaz (BBH)
92 Enekoitz Azparren (EUS)
102 Xabier Azparren (Q36)
116 Davide Bais (PTK), 117 Andrea Pietrobon (PTK)
122 Alex Molenaar (IBA)
132 Tiago Antunes (EFL)
161 Frederico Figueiredo (SAT)

+ 00:16 Pelotón
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