Official Lance Armstrong Thread: Part 4 (Post-Settlement)

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It would've been interesting to see how Macur would've reconciled/ rewritten the rest of the book with the one original "gem" about 1992 had she had the time to do so. As in the classic joke about the senior driver, at some point of the journey, it should've been obvious who is driving the motorway the wrong way.

One reason I was (am) somewhat skeptical about amphetamine "leaking" from the pharmacies is that it is one of the drugs which has rarely a brand name attached to it in the post-1970 doping literature after the Pervitin / Benzedrine - period whereas we know the brands of steroids (Winstrol, Stromba, Dianabol), T (Andriol, Sustanon), cortisone (Kenacort) and EPO (Epogen, Eprex) described by the users themselves. This is partly explained by the fact that particularly steroids tend to have only c:a one producer and the molecule is generically the brand name.

It is true that in the 2010s there have been some narcolepcy-medicines abused with the brand names mentioned (particularly relating to e-sport), but Woet, Kimmage et al just tend to traffic / use generic "amphetamine".

About Lance and recreational drugs, I think that Wheelmen has Landis's account of Lance snorting cocaine with two strippers mid night during a training camp in Texas (in Stapleton's office building, IIRC).
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