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Teams & Riders Official Wout Van Aert thread

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What is “toe curling”?

…and although I know almost nothing about Zwarte Piet it sure seems like a character that will have a hard time surviving for the next decades (note! That’s a probabilistic assessment, not a subjective one). Unlike Van Aert who is being more popular by each race. Has he ever had a better lead up to the Cyclocross World Championships than this time?
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I was thinking more... "Setting the stone in motion with your toes".
You'd break your foot doing that, not just a toe!

Maybe that's how toe curling started.

  • Flora! Flora! Y'll nae guess what Hector's gone and doon! He's gone and kicked a curling stone w' his foot and he's broken fer toes! And they all turned black and fell off!
  • Have y' tried shoving the fallen off toes down the ice, Rory? It could be a whole new sport. Toe curling,
He gave MVDP a run for his money

From the first meter, the Dutchman seriously put our compatriot under serious pressure. “I totally abandoned the first half hour to keep his wheel. That made me doomed to stay in the wheel like a cowardly rider for the rest of the race.”

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Belgain paper not to kind to Wout

I don't think you or Translate understand what that says. They're complementing him.
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