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Once, twice, three times a Lotte victory? 21st Women's Ronde van Vlaanderen, March 31st, 2024


Start list: https://firstcycling.com/race.php?r=9049&y=2024&k=8

Well, it will be a very interesting to see how SDWorx races tomorrow. I imagine there will be some interesting team dynamics over the next number of weeks.

suspect theres been interesting team dynamics for a while, but Demi is keeping out of it so far, it seems more like the team bosses struggling to contain themselves.

but it didnt sound like Demi is on the pace for this race anyway, assuming shes not talking herself down just to go blitz them all, but she has said the recon ride they did she didnt feel great and she was struggling last week to keep up with the front group,and literally expecting to know if shes got the legs for it on the first climb of the day.

Lotte is apparently not interested in winning this again versus taking Paris Roubaix instead.

so it will be interesting to see what SDWorx do, and more importantly what the other teams do to match them.
Id love to see FVE do well tomorrow, but her placement in the pack seems really poor compared to Shirin & Puck. A duo attack with Puck would have serious WVA/MVDP vibes. At some point she has to show her ridiculous watts on the road though, surely?
If she’s in a good position when the race breaks open she will have less problems on the next hills. And then I think she can be really up there with the best. Hope we can see her full power tomorrow.
Lotte exhorted her teammates that they "need to wake up" after Dwars, and that since she wasn't there when the decisive move was made, someone else needed to take the initiative.

She then thanked herself for her sharpness and late attack.

So while she may prefer to add Roubaix to the collection, I don't think she'll just be riding for training.