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Ozzie Dopers. Surprise surpise

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Jul 15, 2010
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blackcat said:
why the FINA technical board gave into vested interests and sponsorships from ARENA and Speedo, I will never know, stupid, bringing in the suits, eviscerated a technical art of swimming.

Money, of course! Like everything... I must say I did admire Phelps for refusing to wear one and getting his *** kicked for a year. Interesting that Grant Hacketts 1500m record didn't get broken.:rolleyes:
blackcat said:
the question Nick is, when does "plausible deniability", and "sharing of sources" become systemic? I mean, there is a continuum, when they all have the same supplier, they all go to a "trainer's" house, who has the sharps bucket, with the hypodermics, and then they tell their mates at the other state clubs, who their provider is.

Is that systemic? I would posit, it is far enough along the continuum, for the club doctor not having to write a prescription or the club physio, to actually qualify to be a systemic dynamic.

Kouta's gym, in Brunswick, the Tony Doherty gym, he always has an international bodybuilder promotion. You can find footage of Fevola looking on as Ronnie Coleman works out.

Just need to look at the physiques of players, compared to 10, 15, 20 years back. They moved from the popeye muscles, the beach weights with bicep curls, and bench press muscles, like exploding Popeye muscles, to being really thick, but not bodybuilder type. Look at Mickie Conlan and Steven Tingay and Dermie Brereton, and compare them to the phsyque today, and I am of the opinion those above name, would have been on what they could get their hands on. The physique has really changed, and they carry more muscle, with more endurance, usually that has an inverse correlation.

Did you see Mick Conlan on the front of the Melbourne weekly a few weeks back? Swimming with the icebergers down at Brighton...

West Coast, early 90s? Links to Capobianco's 'regime'...

Dermie - well, most people thought it & his explanations were always ambiguous.

As I mentioned before - I don't dount that some guys are on stuff, because the game is one where speed, strength & endurance are paramount.. I just don't agree with the 80% call.. :)