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Jul 14, 2009
Benotti69 said:
well i bet most of these guys are ruing not getting in touch with Landis and helping through it to keep him onside with the omerta as his actions may yet bring down their houses, defo their reputations.
total agreement . Landis could be a resource to friends and potential friends that have made similar mistakes. The Landis all in approach is not for everybody. Guys who used and now just would like advise can never,ever even contact Landis. He cannot be trusted on any level. If a young racer that never rode with Landis wants to reach out for some advise he or she can never be sure that a desperate Landis might use their story to further his pass your name to Novitzky,Kimmage,website,sports writer. Landis has lived a world of pain for years and his experience can only be accessed through 3rd parties and interviews. I am sure he could help some rider who is either thinking of screwing up because a lack of options or a racer in whatever stage of's a shame that what could be a cycling right-some-wrongs university is all about chasing the golden Lance for everybody's profit and will have no correction of anything current.The biggest hammer is not always the best tool but don't tell Kimmage.When you see what people do with even a mention..and never getting the benefit of the doubt it shouldn't surprise anybody that nobody talks until they are caught. Not everybody wants to air everything on a worldwide stage