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Play the CQ Manager Game 2017!

Hey everyone,

the 7th edition of the CQ Manager Game is starting in just over a week, so this post is to serve as a reminder for returning players or a heads-up for those who may not have heard of it before. I'm aware of the likelihood that many forum users don't regularly visit the Games and Fantasy Cycling section, so this post is also intended to call attention to the game and forum in general.

The premise of the game is simple - you act as a team manager, picking between 25 and 33 riders for the year, spending no more than 7500 CQ points (as detailed by cqranking.com). Cyclingnews forums poster Hugo Koblet invented the game, and since 2011 it has become, as far as I know, the biggest online cycling fantasy game on english-language forums - last year there were 144 teams, and it would be great to get even more.

Anyway, details are to be found on this thread. I recognize this is being posted in the road forum, and don't intend for this to be a discussion thread here - I wanted to post it temporarily here for a week (deadline for entry is 23:59 CET January 2th), since it's the offseason and folks may not be aware of its existence. If you haven't played before, you should try it out! Even if it takes a year of participation to figure out how to pick a good team, you'll have plenty of riders to follow throughout the ups and downs of the year, and you might gain an interest in races you never really knew about before.

If you have questions etc, I encourage you to ask them in the main game thread I've linked to, or by PM.

(note to mods: I've asked if it's okay to post this reminder thread here in PRR in the past, and it has been fine - let me know if anything has changed)
I'm bumping this thread for two reasons - first, to remind everyone that the deadline is about three days away! Second, to alert people to another CQ game that has become a staple of the message boards in the last few years - LaFlorecita runs a youth CQ game where you pick between 12-15 neo-pros for 1000 points, a smaller and more development-centric game than the main CQ game that I run. Check out the thread and send Flo a PM with a team if you're interested!
skidmark said:
Yes, the deadline is earlier this year. Less than 24 hours to go now!

One more note about other CQ related games - there are various ones run throughout the year for classics or GTs. There is also an emerging riders game managed by Armchair Cyclist that takes place over three years - that is usually put up later in January, and here's a link to last year's game if you want to check it out.

Cheers all!
Thanks for the mention of the next cycle of the Emerging riders game: here is the launch post, but you have until the end of the month.

Classics game to follow in mid February...