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Hugo Koblet said:
I think it's great that he lost any chance of a podium today. Hopefully he'll remember this next year and actually attack at some point in the race when he has the form to do so.
He does try but he's really not explosive at all. He's such a nice and cute person too, this was sort if his last chance and it's really sad for him not to get it.
As expected he was dropped just as the sterrato began, you can't go out of the saddle like him, expecially if muddy. Then he was also unlucky that he was in a group full of team mates of the riders in front and riders that didn't have any reason to cooperate in the chase so he sinked and probably also give up after the Sestriere (everytime was on the camera he was the last of the group).

Dekker_Tifosi said:
Except for one day he reslly didnt do anything wrong. But it was the wrong day to be on a lesser day
I was pretty certain that he will pay the price for having a weak team. And it really happened in the worst possible way... Still believe that Domenico did pretty well. Let's hope he will be able to help Vincenzo in July.
I read he had also broken 6 ribs, besides the arm and leg. At 37 I sure hope this isn't the end of his career!
Yikes...wish him a good recovery in the off-season, get back strong, but as years go by it sure is more difficult to get back 100%, and even harder to improve, get better than ever after such injuries. Fingers crossed...