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Race Radios

I'm hoping to start a discussion about race radios. There's been talk in recent months about eliminating them, or limiting their use.

The pros for eliminating them are that the way the current system works, almost everything is monitored and controlled by the team car. Everything from data from riders cyclocomputers, to when to attack, and how much even. Plus the team car monitors race radio, and knows exactly where everyone else is on the course. With no radios, the riders would have to think more on their own, make their own evaluations of others, and their own decisions.

The cons for eliminating them are that much of the race would still likely be determined by the team car, but now the cars would be driving up and down the course more like the old days to talk to the riders, or having a rider drop back to get instructions. Though talk has been made on limiting that.

There are lots of stories of course about their success, and failure. This CyclingNews link tells a lot.

The new head of ASO says he wants them eliminated, and I tend to agree wit him. What do you think?