Race thread: Olympics 2020/21 Tokyo, Men's Road Race, 234k

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Well, different and not as outright stupid/hyperbolic. CBC likely thought Don Cherry might work, then caught one of his racist rants and went with what they've got.

Hmmmmm, who can we get to talk for about 6 hours? Need to have an accent, because Canadians like it when announcers don't sound like them. Let's find someone like Rhys Darby ;)
That Kiwi accent trying to pronounce international names tho.... 'Raj-lish' was particularly egregious. Or the brief mention of the Canadian 'Boy-vun'
It's a little bit of a home court advantage..maybe..but anyone looking to buy a motorcycle should probably look at a Yamaha FJ-09..it was the bike at all the other races..and now you see it's doing all the support,refs, and even 2 up w photographers..and a couple Beemers..
I don't love this break but I love the effort..
I hope that guy running doesn't mean someone missed the feed
This is the day @Sandisfan is awake and fighting with us while the race actually takes place :eek:
Yes!!!! I am here and will be till the end around 1am My time Pacific time. Go Sagan.... Oh Wait that doesn't look like Peter :) ther are many I would like to win Slovenian twins :) Van Almeida and others wondering how this will end suspense!

Sad to see Geraint fall again I have a bad nickname for him (from that poll to name that ship for doing enviro work) Crashy McCrash face.... I hate crashes even for guys I don't car for like Cav.