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Race Thread

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Some interesting racing already in the Juniors - and again showing there's plenty of talent around, but if you're not picked up by a WT team, or Belgian CX team you can't really progress. And if you're not from the Benelux it's a massive disadvantage......

Last weekend, a Dutch commentator asked why U23 Czech rider Zemanova hadn't been signed by any of the WT teams after another top performance? I recall somebody replying with 'wrong passport'.
Good women's race. Two weekends in a row with tough conditions the day before a world cup and it looks like it doesn't affect Alvarado much. Especially as both worl cups she's had a that didn't race the previous day in second. I also thought maybe the fast start at Maasmechelen for Cassasola might've been a one off, but after the euros and today, she's defiinitely stepped up a level this season. In general, the racing behind Alvarado, Pieterse and Van Empel is really tight this year. Schreiber seems to have benefitted from not being on the front row this week and seemed to have a much more consistent race because she didn't shoot off the front.
Wow! Did not expect that! Good for Alvarado!
My three fav. CX women on the podium!
Great to see him finally take the win. So close this season, and now he pushes through!
The rain had turned the Merksplas into something really hard. Really nice to see Nieuwenhuis get a good win. Took the start and just continued grinding and making almost no mistakes at all on a very tricky course.

Like the way Vandeputte rides, looks smooth and almost flowing style. He might not be able to contend with eg Iserbyt when it comes to sustained power but he sure has excellent technique. Even when he misses it doesn't look panicked.

Kuypers has some serious power but he needs to get rid of the mistakes. In a year or two he will be winning stuff.
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It's Ric.....who does the MTB World Cup commentary, plus the Enduro events......
Who is commentating there with Powers?
I found it strange he was doing the commentary this week, when in the past if Marty Macdonald has taken the day or weekend off, it's been someone like Rob Hatch or Jez Cox covering for him. Marty was down in Troyes with the Backstedts yesterday and then Jeremy Powers said something that stuck with me. As they were talking about the treads and tyre pressure's he started referring to Marty as the former colleague or commentator but corrected himself. I'm not sure whether that was a genuine slip up or whether since the split with GCN has been announced, there has been a slight change in who is now doing the commentary. After all, when the cx did first start in that small gcn cupboard/studio, Marty was the first commentator and not just Dan Lloyd, Simon Richardson, or Tom Last doing their best job with very limited resources.