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Rate the 2023 Giro d'Italia

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Rate the 2023 Giro d'Italia from

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I really wonder if you are trolling......

No, it's really not enough just that a legend wins.
No, it was hardly any GC action before stage 20. Not any longer than the last 3-4 kms of stges.
No, one exceptional day can't make up for a lack of action in the rest of the Giro.
Yes, it's completely legit to have made up our mind already before stage 20. Before absolutely nothing can make up for the general lack of action until then.
I agree it is not enough that a legend won, but the last ITT was so epic, it definitely brought up the score for a couple of grades at least.

Also people saying how this year's Giro will be remembered in 100 years as one of the worst GTs have no idea what they are talking about. Maybe it is true for 20 people on this forum, who will be long gone by then. But all the other fans, who don't analise every little move Remco makes, or argue about how much does Contador weight on his winter pictures, or what number of TT kms should every GT have or what should the correct order of the climbs in all the stages be...so all the other people, who aren't road cycling junkies, will certainly remember the 2023 Giro for the drama, the bad weather, the close battle, but mostly for the epic ITT performance: the chase, the slow gain, the mechanical problem, the disaster, the turnaround, the hope, the sprint for the win in the middle of hundreds of slovenian flags, the sadness for some, the joy for many, a perfect ending for an unbelievable story. Like it or not, but this is what the Giro will be mostly remembered for. And rightfully so, cause that's the way it should be.
A great champion won a very unexciting GT in memorable fashion on the last GC day.

OK so a grand champion won in a grand stye. We are getting somewhere.

As for this GT being unexciting. When it comes to non GC action i would find it hard to argue that. There was a lot of breakaway action going on. As for GC action. Who should do more then? Evenepoel did what was expected. Leaving the race due to illness obviously changed things. That is third week and necessity to attack. Tomas was in pink and Almeida did attack successfully. So i assume Roglič should attack more? So if Roglič would decide this race one day ahead of stage 20. Then it would be exciting? But would it be as exciting as stage 20 was?

Bottom line it happened. We witness the GT defining moment in all its glory. You can't ask for more.
There’s also been a big attack that helps out TdS, if Evenepoel does win overall. If Almeida pulled off a comeback and did what Roglic did for example I doubt you’d be giving the race such a high rating.

If Almeida would crush my heart like that. I could never give it a 2.

P.S. But i see that you do acknowledge the grandness of the move in your analogy. So in the end we are likely on the same page, generally speaking.
If Almeida would crush my heart like that. I could never give it a 2.

P.S. But i see that you do acknowledge the grandness of the move in your analogy. So in the end we are likely on the same page, generally speaking.
I don’t think anyone thinks what Roglic did that day wasn’t grand or phenomenal. It’s as grand and phenomenal as Pogacar, Roglic, Froome, Contador, Basso, Sastre, Landis (for a short time), and Pantani’s big moment that led them to win the GT. But those editions also had more going on then just that moment.
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I don’t think anyone thinks what Roglic did that day wasn’t grand or phenomenal.

I can cope with that.

If you had a big meal, and most of the food was kinda "meh", but the desert was delicious, would you claim it was the best meal you'd ever had?

It depends. Just delicious or orgasmic? It's very well possible that is. For meh to turn into best ever. We humans actually live for such moments. Most of it is plain old meh. But from time to time there is that. And we got it from this GT.

Come on, @CyclistAbi, do us all a favour and take the loss and move on. Roglič would have done so, too.

Nah. Roglič won. Thomas is the one that acted like a gent after this time. We just had to sort some other things out. That is by no means this GT was a loss. It was grand. But OK. I can see your point. We now seem to agree on two and a half of thirds. The last half of a third can always be subjective. It's just sport after all. Not like tennis.
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This is strange
I know spring was a very busy time in my life, being already too busy on beforehand, and now hits me whether I should worry about my mental health or if it's just a result of a 1-point snooze fest, but at the moment I'm having a real hard time remembering just anything from Giro '23! Only thought is that I remember this Healy guy (not the one with first name Jeff) participated. That's literally about it!
So a '1' due to I in this right moment remember part of the name of a single participant is in fact quite high.

*edit* where I in contrast still remember almost every move from the edition of the cancellation of Monte Crostis.

*edit 2* (12 hours later) OK, Giro coming to me now, ofcourse the Roglestomp ITT was very nice, for my part towards healing. Just watched it again, brings smiles. And now remember I watched quite good Giro stages but read grumpy race thread about forgettable stages - of which I apparently took the advice - forgot to have a watch at them. Now the stages comes to me, so from those alone I would give the Giro '23 a 7. But is limited to 4 stages, so my unwatched remains must've been really underwhelming I bet.
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