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Remco vs Roglic

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Who do you dis more, Remco or Roglic?

  • Remco

    Votes: 10 15.9%
  • Roglic

    Votes: 8 12.7%
  • In this namby pamby PC world, I love both riders, but I hope Remco pummels the guts out of Roglic.

    Votes: 10 15.9%
  • I'm cheering for Roglic, something about that ski background and the smile just touches me.

    Votes: 23 36.5%
  • Vin(g)o option: irrelevant, bring on the tour

    Votes: 10 15.9%
  • Because of fundamentalist fanaticism, I’m rooting for Caruso

    Votes: 2 3.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
0 days since Roglic crashing. (again)

Jay Vine doing what he does best.

Seriously I could feel it coming from a long way away (a crash in the bunch). It seemed nuts to me to have the final 9km neutralized... yet the previous part was still drilled by DSM & Alpecin.

The organization is one thing (& everyone can have an opinion on road furniture etc.) but a lot of accidents happen due to the behavior of the peloton itself.
First blood to Remco. Remco is in the driving seat. The walls have ears. And I mean literally. Of slight concern is the bang to the head that Remco took when he was assaulted by that woman. I know a cyclist doesn’t use their head to cycle and no intelligence is required for sport but it was slightly worrying. Of course Vingo and Rog are going to bring the full force of the Jumbo cavalry into play on the real mountain stages later but so far Remco has knocked it out of the car park. Game on!!
The oddmakers seem to favour Remco over Primoz now ( was vice versa at the beginning of Vuelta ) with Jonas still as biggest favorite overall but Remco not that far off .

Odds as follows as per 30/08/2023 :

Jonas 7/5
Remco 12/5
Primoz 7/2
Ayuso 13/2
Roglic now favourite over Remco (on the forum). In stage 6, Rog launched a long range attack (after 98% of the stage had been completed). It was a good attack even though Remco narrowed the gap towards the finish. There will be more twists and turns ahead.
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Should we do a poll to see what percentage of Remco bashers are Roglic fans?

The outtake would then be that if not for not some pesky Roglic fans, Remco is not bashful and his behavior, declarations and performances are always a case in point and an example of professionalism, integrity and humility towards his colleagues and his own athletic capabilities.

I missed today the stage, I was having fun, jumping on shipping containers. Anyway just catching up on la vuelta, you know it's a good one when the race thread has more posts after the finish than before.

Great to get the analysis of the fans. Roglic who did a masterclass and won the day, despite having 2 teammates and yet gaining 0 time on isolated remco. And remco, who was unjustly robbed by his own DS and who would surely have won easily if only he knew he was actually racing.

I hope these 2 never retire so we can continue to enjoy discussions and ask questions in search of what is the true meaning of our sport .
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