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Riis' Health

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May 26, 2010
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Walkman said:
Are you for real?!


The guy is like, what 45(?) and you think because he seems (you don't know a thing actually) to be in good shape, doping is therefore risk free?

Sean Yates a DS a TeamSky had a 'stroke' recently, Yates was a USPS rider at one stage. There is the denial that his 'stroke' had anything to do with PEDs, but how does one measure something when there are no records and people lie about such things.

Riis's health might be a time bomb ticking down.........
Jun 17, 2010
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Wallace said:
I am seriously impressed--moved, maybe even awed. I think that in the long and grueling search for the all-time stupidest cyclingnewsforums thread, this one might actually be the winner. And when you think of all the trolls who've come here, the endless, redundant, repetitive debates about the same issue over and over until your eyeballs bleed, for someone to have come up with an idea for a thread so stupid, so obviously misguided in all its assumptions, so mindshatteringly *** that you can actually feel your iq melting as you read the initial comments... it is a beautiful thing. Well done.

applauds, enough said