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RIP Mathieu Riebel

Tragedy at the Tour de Nouvelle-Caledonie. Former French junior track Champion Mathieu Riebel passed away after colliding with an ambulance. He was only 20 years-old. That's way too young. RIP Mathieu.

I see that CN has the story, and posters blame the organization on the comments section.

Yes, to some extend. But for these small races to stay alive, you count on volunteers, riders safety suffers. Minimal government/police. Like the Puerto-Rico disaster, support them or set them free. Don't be the fatherland falling sleeping on the couch.

The race organizers probably feel like &&&& right now. It's so sad.
It reminds me of what I read about the Jempi Monseré accident in kermess also on semi-closed roads. Police/gendarmerie was blamed, signalman was blamed, the lady in the car who knocked him down was blamed and yet none of them were to blame. It was pure fatality. Pointing fingers is a natural reaction but sometimes it shouldn't be.