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Roman Kreuziger Discussion Thread

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I had the impression in his first few GTs as team leader that the pressure got to him but then he had a really good Tour riding for Contador and even looked better than Contador. I guess he is similar in a way to Tejay in that he never achieved the results his early career hinted at. Both of them seem to struggle under expectations but Kreuziger has had a really good spring in the classics this year and Tejay went much better in the Giro as a stage hunter. Both of them should maybe concentrate on what they can do well instead of what they might do well. But it seems that their teams have made the decision for them.

Rolf Aldag (his former teammanager isn't he?) said during the Tdf broadcast that he was living and training like a perfect professional from early in his career. So as he is getting older he doesn't have much room to make up for the few percent he lost due to aging. Also he said that with him it's maybe not even that much due to normal aging, as he isn't that old, but from accumulated tiredness after being pro for such a long time.