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Ronde van Vlaanderen - Tour des Flandres 2023, one day monument, April 2 (men's)

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Just put them in separate days so we can focus on them both properly

It would be interesting to see how this would work. I went to watch E3 and GW. The crowds that were around for the mens for GW where I was on the Baneberg pretty much left and there was a small handful for the Women. Now the weather was cold and wet so I think that had a big hand in it. But last year at Flanders a lot had left the Kwaremont when the women went up it.
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When MvdP is on song he has unrivalled anaerobic power - like when he won 2019 Amstel. Safe to say MvdP is on song right now.

IMHO, the way to beat him is attack earlier than he would like - which means don’t wait to the last climb - too late. To win, Pog needs to attack like there is no tomorrow on earlier climbs so that MvdP is put out of contention and riding back depletes those devastating anaerobic reserves, and then hope WvA isn’t in the mix to capitalise.
Agreed that's what I meant.