Samuel Sanchez positive for growth hormone

UCI statement on Samuel Sánchez Gonzalez
17 August 2017

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announces that Spanish rider Samuel Sánchez Gonzalez was notified of an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) of GHRP-2* in a sample collected in the scope of out-of-competition control on 9 August 2017.

The doping control was planned and carried out by the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF), the independent body mandated by the UCI, in charge of defining and implementing the anti-doping strategy in cycling.

The rider has the right to request and attend the analysis of the B sample.

In accordance with UCI Anti-Doping Rules, the rider has been provisionally suspended until the adjudication of the affair.

At this stage of the procedure, the UCI will not comment any further on any of these matters.

(*) GH-Releasing Peptides (GHRPs) are classified as “Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors, Related Substances and Mimetics” as per the World Anti-Doping Prohibited List 2017.
Aug 16, 2013
Really sad to see Sammy perish at this stage of his career. I mean, he was such a classy bike rider!

And people tend to forget how great he was in his prime. He was up there with the best 5 cyclists in the world at one point. Climbing, TT'ing, sprinting, descending: he could do all!

Sad day for cycling really :(

Catwhoorg said:
4 years for sure if the B sample is also positive.

Unless he starts shopping his doctors and dealers.
He could join SKY or OG and get the ban reduced ...

BMC's Sporting Manager Allan Peiper was happy the team was able to bring Sánchez back into the fold.

"Everyone is very happy to have Sammy back," Peiper said. "From a sporting perspective, he gives us that much more depth. We saw last year what a game-changer he can be. This year we expect him to contribute in pretty much the same way, but maybe with a little more focus on the support and development of the big influx of young talent we have brought into the team."

How sweet!
Re: Re:

DFA123 said:
Robert5091 said:
2 days before the Vuelta? A warning to others?
He's an unusually big fish to use as a warning though. Maybe he's been pushing the boundaries for too long and they got fed up with him.
But what was he doing to push the boundaries too long? He was pretty good last year (a stage and 6th overall in Pais Vasco, 6th in FW, 4th in LBL, 6th in California, was 7th in Vuelta before the crash in ITT), but this year he was only good in PV where he crashed in the queen stage in the final very short descent and DNS the next day.
And what a sad way to end a career, testing positive :(
He was doping (just like many others who never tested positive), but still, ending a career with a positive test sounds bad.
Aug 3, 2010

Robert5091 said:
2 days before the Vuelta? A warning to others?
If the UCI was serious about doping, they would send a message by popping a young rider. The only message this sends is to the fans with blinders on.
Oct 6, 2009
All of a sudden, and for the first time, I'm glad Contador is retiring.


In the age of Froome, it just pisses me off these days whenever they pop guys for doping. It feels like an injustice that serves no purpose.
Ouch. Guy has been riding like a super domestique even though he's an old horse. No wonder. I honestly wonder what hurts more - retiring and letting everyone think you're great, while you know, deep down, you're a cheater. Or, getting exposed right at the end.

No matter how heartless you think they might be, I don't think you can cheat and feel good about it. Deep down, that has to eat at you.