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I hate this. I am not sure what to call it, but I will call it sandbagging.

It usually starts something like this: You get together for a ride with a buddy you have not ridden with for a long while. Before starting he informs you that he needs to go slow because he is not in very good shape and has not been able to ride much. He did not eat well the previous day, and his wife made him do yardwork. His kid was sick and kept him up half the night. Maybe his dog died the previous week. The truth is that he has been going in to work early for the last five weeks so that he can ride an extra hour every week day, weighing everything he eats, and putting in back to back seven hour rides on weekends. So you start out slow. He gauges his fitness versus yours during small hills or accelerations and, if and only if he finds that he is in better condition, proceeds to kick the sh!t out of you for the rest of the ride, all the time exclaiming how he cannot believe how well he is riding.
Jul 7, 2009
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Happens to me all the time, sandbagging is a great term for it.

Since I do multi sport it usually involves a friend coming to visit from out of town. He brings his bike and tells me how he hasn't ridden in 6 months and just wants to go on a leisurely ride.

Typically, I will have gone on an 18 mile run the day before and will have racked up 100 miles of tempo riding during the week. My legs are toast by the time i get to my leisurly sunday ride with my buddy.

After drafting off of me into a wicked head wind for 20 miles (i live at the beach and the wind can howl), my friend will decide that it is time to pull into the tail wind.

He will promptly find his legs and I will hold on for dear life.

We return and they give me some BS about "wow, that sure was a nice little 50 miler. glad you took it easy on me."

Story usually ends with me stabbing them in their sleep.


Sep 7, 2009
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Aug 13, 2009
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Let them get in front, you make a hard right turn at the next corner and sprint out of sight. Let them finish on their own, you ride how you want. "Buddies" like this no one needs.
Jun 13, 2009
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Take up something less competitive. They should have never started that everybody is a winner and gets a medal crap. Entire generation of sallys thanks to that garbage.:rolleyes: