Teams & Riders Sergio Higuita discussion thread

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The EF statement is worded a bit weird (“Sergio is fired. But we want to work with him on the terms of him being fired. Call us, Sergio.”) so maybe it’s not so much that EF are being harsh on him, but when the vid went viral in South America, and the Cannondale sales team saw it, and he was riding a Specialized of all brands, someone at Cannondale maybe told Vaughters “you have to make an example of this kid.”

All speculation on my part.
Great victory by the Monster in Catalunya.

Have been hoping for a major breakthrough from him for years, and he now seems to have stepped up a level compared to his actual breakthrough year 2019 and start of 2020.

Really nice to seem him at this level, although his sprint seems to have deteriorated a bit in recent years.
His next race will be Itzulia. It will be nice to see how he goes against other contenders and especially Roglic.
Is he not doing Indurain? Would also be a good race for him.

In Itzulia he will share duties with Vlasov and Buchmann (Who I do not see playing a major role after recent form). So at least he seems to be racing there with a very strong group of riders surrounding him.

Will be very interesting to see what he can do in the Arrate. Was one of the best stage of the year last season. The rest of the race is a bit underwhelming from the looks of it. But there are still a lot of chances to do something if the riders want to. But given that last very tough day it might all come down to that one.