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Single most "questionable" ride of the year?

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ghostofjoy said:
it isn't a third rate event for US sponsors.

By whose reckoning? Is it important because AEG was suckered into Pat's dream of expanding cycling? For sure. For sponsors, it is too close to the TdF and not a spring classic and located way outside cycling's core audience.

ghostofjoy said:
moreover it was easy to see that levi was visibly upset at losing the overall to horner and the tt to zabriskie. i really believe that levi (and horner to a lesser extent) takes pride in thrashing the domestic peloton and out of shape euros on his home territory.

No racer is satisfied with being first/second loser.

Who was out of shape at the event? A rider can't possibly peak for both events! The TdF is the target, not the Amgen race. It is/was preparation for the TdF. Pretty nice weather, good hotels, okay food and Pat and the UCI get paid a bundle for bringing their show to California.
May 6, 2009
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Maxiton said:
He actually called him that in a stage of the Tour. Armstrong couldn't remember Bottle's name when he needed some water, so he just looked at him and said, "Bottle."

He's almost ready for his closeup.

What stage did he call him that do you remember?