"some dopers worse than others".....

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May 27, 2012
MacRoadie said:
Oh, and I only pop in here once in awhile to make sure Lance is still serving a lifetime ban, and to see if any of the nit wits who try to argue legal theories without any benefit of a legal education or training have finally come to their senses.

Both questions answered, see you in a few months...

Retiring post, Mac!!!
I just wish hog would quit apologizing for being incompetent about the law. I mean, we get it, you can't access even the most basic points. Don't feel bad hog, there may other lesser professions you can probably fail in too!

Good follow-up post to Mac's devastatingly accurate post, Chewie!!!
May 27, 2012
thehog said:
I've reported your post. It's just routine baiting and not you're very good at it either.

At least pretend you're attempting to discuss the thread topic.

At least he knows he's not on topic. You routinely try to post on topic, and completely miss the topic.

Good post Chewie!
Aug 3, 2009
thehog said:
.At least pretend you're attempting to discuss the thread topic.
That is precisely my problem with you. You continually attempt to raise the hackles of Chewie by deliberately spouting nonsensical (even to the legally untrained eye) arguments under the thinly veiled guise of furthering the discussion, when in actuality, your sole purpose is to derail any reasoned and logical dialog. I.E., pretending to discuss the thread topic.

I'd prefer not to pretend to do anything. I'd prefer to have learned and probative discussion of the topic, but in the absence of that, pointing out your silly game seems to be the next best option.

Further, I don't try to bait anyone, ever. Hence, my inability to do so with any skill or alacrity. I don't have the time, patience, or interest to get mired in some pedantic internet morass of insults and counter insults. I'll stand on my record of 4 years next month with ZERO infractions as proof of that.
dolophonic said:
Pretty much what the Sceptic says..

personally i think the mountain biker chick that got caught with a U haul truck of Mary Jane is the best doper !
Naah, that snowboarder who won gold in the winter olympics while whacked is far better.

mrhender said:
I think some of you might have missed the thread topic..

It is "dopers" and NOT "posters" :rolleyes:
mods still on xmas break, eh?
that said, it was entertaining, for a while