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May 18, 2011
Slightly off topic but whilst Queen were in France recording their album "Jazz", Freddie Mercury allegedly wrote "Bicycle Race" after watching the Tour go past. (I heard Bryan May say this on a Queen documentary on Radio 2.) :)


El Pistolero said:
And it also lead me to this vid:

Not a song, but oh so funny :p
that tickled me. Could have done with it being much much longer.

some will remember this. Not a song written for vdb, but now when i hear it it always reminds me of him. the words somehow fit.

and of course my lance tribute

Wish I could find that brilliant youtube video tribute to Lance with a version of Abba's dancing queen, where they sing "we love lance, riding the tour de france" in it.. cant find the darned thing. that was genius
Sep 11, 2010
There's a great one written n sung by dermot morgan (aka Father Ted) called 'get outta that saddle stephen' Found on website called Irish Peloton- about a dozen posts back. Sorry, not adept at posting links. Me bad.
Mario Gualteri - Ciao Fausto


Non si è spento ancora l'eco/it still it has not faded
delle tue mille volate/ the echo of your thousand sprints
del tuo mito ancora intatto/ of your legend, still intact
dopo una generazione/ after a generation

ciao Campione del pedale/ goodbye champion of the pedal
ti salutano i traguardi/ the winning lines
che ti hanno visto vincitore/ that had seen you victiorious salute you
tante tappe e tanti allori/ many stages and many honours

Ti salutano i tuoi monti/ your mountains greet you
tutte quante le tue vie/ all your streets
e i campioni di oggi...e di ieri/ and today and yesterday's champions

sei nel cuore dei ragazzi/ you're in the heart of guys
che non ti hanno conosciuto/ who never met you
sei nel cuore dei campioni/ you're in the heart of the champions
che un giorno hai battuto/ you've defeated

Ti salutano le masse/ the masses greet you
spettatrici inconsolate/ inconsolable witnesses
di un passato ancor presente/ of a past that is still present
tanti cuori ti hanno amato/ many a heart has loved you

Imbattuto ancora oggi/ still undefeated
ti salutano i giornali/ the newspapers
che descrivono i voli di Coppi/ which tell about coppi's flights salute you

e venuto dalle Stelle/ then someone from the stars
poi qualcuno ti ha chiamato/ called you
a percorrere immortale/ to travel, immortal,
le sue strade luminose/ on its bright streets

vorrei salutarti anch'io/ i'd like to salute you as well,
sconosciuto ammiratore/ me, unknown admirer,
ma la voce non mi aiuta/ but my voice doesn't help me
dico solo due parole/ so i'll say just two words
Fausto Ciao/ goodbye fausto
Pantani song.

Andrea Paglianti - Dove osano i Pirati


Sei partito in bicicletta tra le rose di un Hotel/ you took off on your bicycle among the roses of a hotel
verso cime senza tempo che aspettavan proprio te,/ towards timeless peaks waiting just for you
con il cuore di un bambino capriccioso e un po retrò/ with the heart of a capricious and a bit old-fashioned child
un bambino di Romagna che sgrana gli occhi e dice "e ciò"/ a wide-eyed child from Romagna

Son finite le parole ti accompagna il nostro sguardo/ words are over, we follow you with our eyes
mentre fili come un razzo dritto verso il tuo traguardo,/ as you dash off like a rocket to your finish line
e le folle del passato siano intorno a te le ali/ and may the crowds of the past be the wings around you
dell'affetto che è mancato quando eri fra i mortali/ (the wings) of a love that was missing when you were amongst the mortals

Ora scorrono i fiumi pieni di parole vane/ now rivers of useless words flow
era meglio qualche fatto quando eri solo come un cane,/ some facts, back when you were all alone, would have been better
e i ricordi si accavallano nell'arco di un momento/ and all the memories are crowding in just one moment
come tante bici al sole che arrancano nel vento/ just like many bicycles struggling against the wind
ma già sfrecci a testa bassa sopra il piede benedetto/ but you are already speeding off tenaciously, stamping on the blessed foot
di un San Pietro inferocito che ti apostrofa in dialetto/ of an angry saint peter who addresses you in dialect
e ti urla oggi è chiuso, si riapre da domani/ and shouts at you "today it's close, we open tomorrow"
tu pedali e gli rispondi: 'fam pasè ca so Pantani'/ you pedal and answer him "let me pass, i'm Pantani"

E noi che siamo figuranti salutiamo te campione,/ and we, simply walkers-on, salute you champion
che hai saputo far sognare questa mia generazione/ who made my generation dream
e ora via quella bandana con quei denti ben serrati/ and now go, with your bandana and clenched teeth
scatta questa ultima volta dove osano i pirati. / sprint this last time where pirates dare
Jul 17, 2009
The Hitch said:
How is that about Tom Boonen? Its some lsd inspired beat playing over a commentary of Boonen winning. Im looking more for beatiful works of art from talented fans which show their love for heroes of the sport.

LSD is passe. Its more like teen euro trash girls on X or GHB MDMA with a rave mix. of whom he probably met at a club
Aug 1, 2009
Sorry if these are already posted:

Changing Light and UV Rays:

Floyd er ren (Floyd is clean):

David Zabriskie/Bjarne Riis:

Den guleste mand (The Yellowest Man) about the strange events of TdF 07:

A tribute to Carlos Sastre by tv2 crew for the tour of 08:

De vinder Tour de France - a country inspired description of the efforts of Team Saxo Bank in Tour of 10