Steven Kruijswijk

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Dekker_Tifosi said:
Still a heroic performance. :exclaim:

His interview was also nice. He said he didn't have as much left as he hoped, but said it was worth the try. He said it's nicer to attack and see where it all ends then to try and follow.
Yeah, and in the end he only lost a handful of seconds too, it's not like he cracked when they caught him. So today he would probably easily have hung on I think, but then again like he said, he's the hero of the day versus being sort of anonymous finishing in the group.

Red Rick said:
Can't believe this guy has no GT stage wins
He's the most diesel out of all diesel climbers. The TT diesels like Ullrich, Jungels etc. are at least able to put out the power to beat the climbers in a sprint, Kruijswijk doesn't have that ability. And in the one discipline where his characteristics are ideal for a stage win, he was beaten by... Foliforov!

Dekker_Tifosi said:
It didn't go fast enough. He would have not have build a sufficient lead with Gesink.
He was less than half way up the Croix when he attacked the group. He wouldn’t have gained a 6’ gap if he’d gone 10km later, but then he would’ve been that bit fresher when he got to the foot of the Alpe.

More than likely Sky would have reeled him in at almost the same spot anyway.
They could have done it smarter I think - yes make a lot more use of Gesink and also speak to the other riders in the group. e.g. give Barguil the mountain points unopposed if he makes pace on the climb. It would have been a lot better to start the final climb with 2 mins in a group of 5 (which I think was feasible if Majka, Nieve, Barguil and Valverde still think there is the chance of win) than 4 minutes but no legs any more
He clearly had some legs left, as he only lost about a minute after the catch (4-way trackstand among the favorites notwithstanding), and Bernal would’ve ripped through the lead whatever it was. But yeah, I can’t help thinking waiting a bit longer would have helped SK’s chances on the stage and on gc.
What a hero! Respect! A shame he didn't make it, I hope he has energy to do something else later on. Hopefully he and Roglic keep hassling Sky. In the cycling podcast Thomas apparently told one of the CP guys that they had to use up Kwiat earlier than they'd planned due to Kruijswijk's ride, so obviously SK's ride affected the race dynamic with the favourites. I'm sure Froome was expecting to still have more domestic/s left before his failed final attack.