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I know the mom of a Sunweb rider personally, she contacts me to talk about him, how he's doing etc every now and then. The team even denied him to get treated for an injury because they are so anal about what chemicals they might get in their body even when a TUE would be the most logical solution. They actually sent the rider knowingly injured into the race, where he had to abandon after +/-70km.
Apparently this is something Sunweb is doing systematically, sending injured riders into a race to avoid fines.

Sven Nys: "I experienced it myself with Lars van der Haar, who had already signed with us, but who was still used here and there by Sunweb to fill gaps in the line-up. Despite the fact that he had an overloaded knee, he was still sent to Canada to start there. To avoid that fine. He also stayed below his level the following season, as he needed much more time to recover from his injury."

sure Logic. Hindleys out of nowhere progression due to bread and water.
Doesn't matter for you, does it? Evenepoel didn't come out of nowhere and you're convinced he's doped, so spare me your hypocritical reasoning. On the other hand, Quinn Simmons beating climbers uphill is something you applaud. :tearsofjoy:
Hasn't done much since he turned pro. I guess if you're a domestique everywhere then you can't show anything. If he was this good then you'd think he'd get more chances than Poland and the Herald Sun Tour...

But he looked good as U23 at least - 5th at Avenir behind Bernal, second at Ras, 3rd at the Girobio behind Sivakov + won a summit finish, 2nd Herald Sun Tour, won a few Italian races ahead of Almeida/Vlasov.

I guess everyone has a breakthrough sometime. If Thomas, Yates and Kruijwsijk were here then you'd imagine he wouldn't be near this position.
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