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Riding a local race (Slo nationals are a very small event in cycling world) just before TdF is risky. There are many a lot less experienced riders, who are very eager to race, prone to accidents, etc. It's just not worth doing it 2 weeks from TdF.
He is announced for his Komenda home race but it just seems strange to me to do that and not the championships. Everyone will want autographs and pictures at his race.

But he seems to be in Monaco enjoying his Porsche at the moment so lets see what his plans are :cool:

If I were him I would stay in Monaco until he needs to go to Denmark.
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Doing some TT


He'd have some serious marginal gains with a haircut and better tongue positioning.
I've pointed this out before: the hairs represent subtle but unique vortex generators that lessen the air suction behind the helmet. The number and length of hairs protruding are carefully monitored by a team of aerodynamic specialists. The tongue is clearly the second stage intake of the turbo. Don't ya know nuthin?
Rigo is a good business man if you consider the people that he has brought to his event:

Cabe recordar que este evento en sus ediciones del 2018, 2019 y 2021, en los departamentos Antioquia, Quindío y Santander respectivamente, contaron con el acompañamiento de Chris Froome (2018), el español Alberto Contador (2019) y el ganador del Tour de Francia y campeón del Giro de Italia, Egan Bernal (2021). Además, el ganador de la vuelta España en 1987, Lucho Herrera; el actual campeón de la Vuelta al País Vasco, Daniel Felipe Martínez, Asimismo, Sergio Higuita campeón de la Vuelta Cataluña 2022, entre otros.