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What else would you call it?
You think someone looked at the pothole, and decided that it could be fun to just... leave it?

Yes. Someone looked at it and deiced a bit of paint will do. To "warn" the peloton. That is what i am saying. I read it in an article in the local news.

So basically UCI No. 1, from safety point of view, is worth at best a can of spray. A shovel of asphalt would be too much. And in the end hard to blame them. As why going the extra mile if you don't have to. The result is exactly the same.

It's just a wrist in the end and Pogi is likely training already for the Tour. Likely on the bike next day.

Anyway. I was surprised to read the paint was there to "warn" the peloton. That is on why i decided to mention it. As it indeed sounds a bit surreal. But there you have it. That is safety in today's peloton. Standard is set below even the imagination.
This is where i read it. Best if you use a translator on it.

It says the source for this article is So somebody from Belgium can try to pin point the original article. Basically what it says is the spray was used before the race, to warn the peloton, and it got fixed 2 days after the crash.

P.S. If i understand correctly local population was making fun of it. Something in the lines of "filling the wells after it rains". Or maybe Belgian humor is a bit more specific. I don't know. We have Belgian fans on this forum and maybe they can chime in. But i agree with you it's hard to believe something like that to even be possible. To mark the crash spot upfront with some paint. Some next level safety for sure.
So it's worse than expected. A schedule change is getting more and more likely but they will try everything to get him ready for the Tour.

Yes a wrist injury is one of the worst for a cyclist. Even though it seems kinda counter intuitive as it's not "used" to make the bike advance. It is obviously fundamental as it's where a big part of the body is supported on the bike, for hours. A bad wrist recovery following an injury can break a career.

Hopefully they just want to make sure it's 110% healed.
Read in the local news that only indoor training till the end of the month.

If Pogačar can't do any altitude training until the end of the month, I can't see him beating Vingegård in the Tour.

However I can still see him behind competitive in the Tour and use it to get into top shape for the World Championships and possibly the Vuelta.