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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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We cant have nice things. It has to be ruined. No info, no chat among fans.

If he wins, he is lucky.

If he wins, he still lost in others eyes... which they have to point out every day.

If he loses, trolling about him losing even though no cyclist has ever won every race.

If someone shares information, you are lying and must be banished.

Who really has a problem here?
I have twice brought up an issue directly to Mou in race threads about one behavior (only the one) that has nothing to do with the content (which is excellent info) he posts: that is his being overly demeaning to other posters. It doesn’t keep me from being interested in what he/she has to say, but I find it worth asking him why he can’t communicate all of what he has to say, including the funny over-the-top stuff, without calling other posters stupid or whatever? I don’t understand that part of his posts. And he hasn’t responded to me about that

And it doesn’t matter if he’s doing it jokingly— done often enough it’s still demeaning.
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Pogacar could win stage 1 and keep the maglia all the way. When was the last time something like that happened at the Giro?

Kind of like a 'clean sheet' in football terms but in cycling terms 'clean jersey' :cool:
That would be something i guess and its possible since its Pogacar ofcourse. I dont know as long as it doesnt defeats the purpose it would be cool indeed.

Edit: Now that Laengen is in does that mean Covi is not in the Giro squad?
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It is tiring giving inside info and then being questioned/made fun of for it, even though most of it checks out. Being banned for standing your ground.

It is bullying at that point.
That is what you get when you write aggressively and provocatively. I mean you can't expect to write Danish are opera-going whatever and expect no retribution from the Danish when they get their chance. You also can't deny some of his so called "info" (if not most of it) was simply made up (as pointed out by @Froome ). Now when one is making up "info", they can expect being called out by those who doubt its authenticity. And even if the info is real, the way it was conveyed it was only natural that people were going to have doubts. One can react to that in a calm and composed manner or one can do as mou did...

"To be fair the training data images Mou posted ages back claiming to have an inside source were just from old Pogacar instagram stories, the image of him behind the motorbike was actually shown on a random GCN video way before it popped up here. I was a bit surprised nobody noticed, maybe some did, I just thought at the time it was a funny bit of trolling so didn't bring it up. Banned now so I suppose its irrelevant".

This comment is from the user Tim cahill on the thread "what is trolling here" on the "forum feedback".

The guy doesn't know anything, but his fans want to believe in the "santa claus".
I actually thought for a very long time that people here were just faking believing any of it to have some fun with the guy. To be honest, I'm still not sure I can believe anyone really believes it's real info...