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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Where most of the "rider x bad teammate" come from, I guess.
Didn't have the legs to help his captain. Was dropped earlier than forum expected. People complained he didn't care about the team.

Add "bad teammate" points if said captain was/is a forum darling.

Add more "pain teammate" points if said rider a few days later ended up in a break that got a significant amount of time, and ended up competing for the win. Because then he'd obviously just been saving himself.
Pra Loup stage of 2015 when Majka turned his radio off so he wouldn't have to drop back and help Contador after his crash.

Sagan was far more useful, hanging with the lead group over the Allos and giving Contador his bike after the crash
Well that is 6 years ago, a lot could have changed now. He might have much more hope to so a good GC himself. I think he does not make himself any illusions on UAE. He was hired to help Tadej. And they seem to have invested building up a bond between them by letting them train mostly together.

I think if there is one on that team that will go his own way, it will be Hirschi. Unfortunately he got into the crashes today so we might never know.
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