Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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He did a short ride today. According to ride data the temperature was about 38C at the base of the climbs and about 28C at the top at about 1400 meters. Pretty hot I would say.

This is the kind of heat that will take its toll on a 5+ hour 240k ride. You just can’t replace fluids as fast as you lose them especially in a one day race type dynamic. I do think some riders will have issues with it but maybe on a random basis. Could keep the climbing speeds a bit more attainable for well hydrated riders at the end…
I'm reading in tertiairy sources Pogi said in Slovenian media he has bad legs in training and they're most likely going to ride for Roglic?
He said they did two training rides until yesterday and while the first one was ok, on the second one he had bad legs. They were going to do another ride today (probably they already did) and after that they will see how his legs are and make a plan. From what I read he never specifically mentioned helping Roglic… (not sure I read everything though)