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Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Great showing today, was hoping he'd still lose a bit less especially after that awesome first split time, but nonetheless an amazing ride from the young man. Now only a minute down on the possible podium.

Pogačar : "It was a hard TT but I felt great so I went as hard as I could. To wear my national TT champions jersey in a Grand Tour was a dream."

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It was a very good TT effort from Poga today. It might have even been great (within a minute of Roglic) if he could have held back just a wee bit on the first kilometers uphill. Still, he held it together very well in the final kilometers.
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The explosion of young/new talent this year has been incredible. I was getting a bit tired of Froome/Nibali/Quintana/Valverde over the past few years, but 2019 has really gotten me excited about WT racing again. Can you imagine a 2021 TdF with Carapaz, Bernal, Sivakov, Pogacar, the two CX stars and maybe Remco? Then add in Roglic, Dumoulin, and grandpa Froomey?
For under-23 GT top-10 GC performances in recent years, we have:

Pogacar, 2019 Vuelta, 20 years, 11 months: ??
Bernal, 2019 Tour, 22 years, 6 months: 1st (also 2018 Tour, 21 years, 6 months: 15th)
Sivakov, 2019 Giro, 21 years, 11 months: 9th
Barguil, 2014 Vuelta, 22 years, 11 months: 8th
Pinot, 2012 Tour, 22 years, 2 months: 10th
Gesink, 2008 Vuelta, 22 years, 4 months: 7th
Schleck, 2007 Giro, 21 years, 11 months: 2nd

Am I missing anyone?

Only Bernal's and Schleck's performances would be comparable to a potential podium finish from Pogacar, and in both cases they were at least a year older.


Feb 21, 2019
I wonder what will be his schedule next year. Personally I think a Giro+Olympics approach would be great with then probably racing the Worlds in the end of the season

However with the way he is racing I wouldn't be surprised if they send him to the Tour.


Feb 21, 2019
Also UAE are losing Dan Martin next year.
Yeah, maybe they end up sending Aru to the Giro, Pogacar plus Gaviria and Kristoff to the Tour, Aru+Ardila to the Vuelta. This could make the Olympics almost impossible for Pogacar but he could prepare for the Worlds afterwards
A 2016 Nibali schedule wouldn't be the worst option, Giro for the gc and Tour just as a stagehunter as a learning experience (big sprinttrain for Gaviria) to prepare the Olympics. Of couse he is young enough to ride the Tour one year later and go Giro-Vuelta, as long as he doesn't end up like MAL who still hasn't started the Tour even once...



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