Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Probably some conflation of the '02 and '03 Vueltas, that's all.

I think Pogačar should be allowed to race with freedom now, make his own decisions - and yes, make his own mistakes. It's refreshing to see somebody following their sensations even if it's ultimately foolhardy, because it's a three week race and that's a new experience for him. So long as he's up there in the GC, let him ride. If he cracks before the rest day, most likely on Sunday, then keep him in for a week to stagehunt and get some experience in the break, or use him to ride for Aru. If he doesn't crack until later, which seems far more likely, give him the choice. If it takes until Becenil, then let him finish the race. If it's at Acebo or the La Cubilla stage, withdraw him on the second rest day.
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Maybe he could lose some weight still, but I think he doesn't seem too heavy. He seems much more "a finished article" than Remco already. Weight, strategy & tactics, experience, mindset, cunning... On the other hand, i guess these are all still areas where Evenepoel can still improve a lot, but he'll have his work cut out for him.
Now I'm actually wodnering how much time he can take on the lesser timetrialists like Quintana or Lopez. He's still a good 1 minute and a half behind them in the GC.
That's interesting. He's a better TTer on paper but TT will come after a hard week and a rest day. Recovery will play a role, and there's still little evidence about his recovery skills. I sure hope he gets closer in GC after his wonderful ride today.
Jul 28, 2019
For me, he has more future than bernal. He is good in all terrains. Can't wait to see him in the gir next year.
I find it really hard to predict how much of a future a young rider has. Like there have been many guys who have been really good in their early twenties and you think, god, how good will he with 27. Then those guys remain were they are and don't improve much or even regress. Then you have those guys who aren't even pros at that age but they are steadily improving and are dominating at 29. You can win your first GT at 22 and never win one again and you can win your first with 30 and add a few more till your mid thirties. Road cyclists I would say by now can peak anywhere between 20 and 40 years of age
Also, he has really only done a great tt once, in Algarve. He has been decent otherwise and he should beat Quintana and Lopez of course, but I’m not sure we can expect too much from him
He's also a national TT champion, although Roglic didn't contend that, but the beat Mohoric and Tratnik, both really strong WT riders. He did 52km/h average over 42km.