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Team Jumbo-Visma

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Re Vingegaard: I think he might as well be clean as not clean and vice versa.

It seems he has been a bit much to handle. It's kinda funny to watch the video from last year inside la vuelta 2020

I am reminded of Soler when I see how they talk to and about Vingegaard. However not nearly as hot-headed as Soler, but the thing with doing too many moves on his own.

Makes me think Jonas main problem has been pacing, taking direction and more than anything; keeping it cool.

Rogla seems to see Jonas as his little brother and seems to have said in June to Jonas that he could win the tour. Zeeman tried to shut Rogla up lol.

Idn, I just think that the reason Jonas had so little proven before the tour was because he was such a loose cannon that they hadn't dared to test him and hence he shocked them.( Well everyone apart from Rogla then.)
Roglic looking like he was riding a motorbike up the mountain again today closing gaps in a handful of seconds, always just doing the bare minimum easily then the magical uphill sprint for bonus seconds again. Most boring GC rider I've seen in ages, at least make your doping exciting.
To be fair this is a business transaction after all, and he’s not getting any younger. I don’t really blame riders for playing it safe although some are more boring than others. I’ve never seen him as that bad of an offender though.
I don't know where to post this, but since it is a comparison of sorts of Rabo and JV maybe it fits here. I am just wondering if the riders consumes as much alcohol today during races as they did back when Dekker was competing (his book was kinda shocking)

Because if not I wonder how much those amounts of alcohol and partying effected recovery. I mean logically just taking alcohol out and adding sleep should change recovery a whole lot for the better? And hence you'd need slightly less doping and since you can't dope as heavily as back then maybe you have to drink less.

Just a thought.