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wheresmybrakes said:
Team classification and the Green jersey for Valverde it is then. The rest can be little helpers along the way. :D

Valverde isn't a fast enough sprinter to get enough points against Sagan on the flat stages. What he said in an interview today, sounds like maybe stage hunting is what he's more interested in.
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starlord said:
Koronin said:
Pantani_lives said:
Movistar doesn't look like a team, but like three guys in the same shirt riding against each other for seventh place.

Valverde isn't racing for GC.
Yeah he's helping Quintana and Landa... I wouldn't believe a word Valverde is saying
That's more believable than his comment yesterday that he didn't expect Alaphilippe to attack from where he did to try to win the stage then. Um, this is like the 3rd time he's done exactly that this year. How exactly, was what Alaphilippe did unexpected?

wheresmybrakes said:
Tomorrow is when Nairo becomes number 1 in the team and puts the other 2 in their place. He needs to be up there with the winner if not the winner.
Except that the final climb tomorrow is much better suited to Valverde to win the stage as long as the break doesn't take the stage win. Also Valverde is NOT racing for GC as he keeps telling everyone that. He's there to be a mediator between Quintana and Landa and to go stage hunting.
With all the rumours, i'm very curious to see how Unzue will give shape to Movistar in 2020.

For now probably four new signings with Enric Mas, Dario Cataldo, Oscar Rodriguez and Inigo Elosegui and the probable extenstions with Rojas, Erviti, Carretero, Castrillo, Lluis Mas and Oliveira. Unzue negotiates also with De La Cruz, Fraile and Villela. Benoot (Sunweb) and Bouhanni (Arkea) turned the offers of Movistar already down.

Assuming the departure of Carapaz and Quintana, there will be budget left to extend the contract of Landa i hope.