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Team Time Trail, in or out?

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Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
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Titaniumtim said:
.......Example 2.

Team Skil-Shimano was +5:23 on Astana.
The Timed group had six riders. 5:23/6 = 54 seconds.
Huppond, de Kort, Geschke, Hivert, Beppu and Lemoine all get 54 seconds added to their GC time.
Timmer finished at +9:07. 9:07-5:23 = 3:44.
Timmer will get 3:44+54 = 4:38 added to his GC Time....

I like the TTT - man on machine going as fast as humanly possible. However this years TTT has had too much influence on the GC - the problem here is not so much the inclusion of the TTT, as the lack of opportunity to make up the time on mountaintop finishes.

Perhaps it would be better to shorten in to a distance like they had at the Giro - I also like Titaniumtim's example above (or should I say 'ta se ceart go leor' ;) )