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Team Visma LAB

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He wasn’t even top 10 in U23 TT 3 years ago getting beat by much of the same opposition he faced today. This doesn’t look remotely realistic regardless of jet lag and cornering explanations. Not that the other riders are particularly realistic either.

Norway also seems to be supercharging a lot of their athletes in all different sports right now, in addition to whatever JV has him on.
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The power numbers, if accurate, seem pretty reasonable, and I would believe it if you told me JV were just better at optimizing aero positioning and maybe pacing. They have some doohickey they attach to the handlebars that can help measure CdA in real world conditions which is more ideal than a wind-tunnel. Not that I trust an eyeball test (that's why you need the tech, after all) but his front-end seems pretty effectively closed off here. No gap between head and arms plus pretty narrow shoulders.


Of course none of this explains his sudden jump in performance. Could it be others were simply off the pace?
I was thinking of the 2 Norwegians who are dominating triathlon by a country mile and Jakob, I’m not up on other sports but take your pick.
Look up Gustav Iden & Kristian Blummenfelt, they are destroying triathlon fields from super sprint to Ironman distance, no one has had such dominance at such a range of distances in the era of professional triathlon