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Popchu said:
Back for a yearly appointment in this topic: can you name the top 100 riders of the CQ Ranking 2017? ;)


Let me know how many right answers you got... :)

If you want to play the same game of the previous years:
72, but I missed some I shouldn't have. (Alaphilippe, Majka, Barguil, Dennis, Thomas, Dillier etc.)
Highest I missed was Teuns at 38.

RedheadDane said:
I guess I'm a bit late at answering this (I hadn't seen that my quizzes had been promoted here before just now - and what is 15 months on this part of the forum anyway?), but no I don't think it'll work anymore since the WorldTour has become too big for the 300 maximum answers allowed. Additionally, someone copied the idea and made a running quiz for 2017 with the only difference being that you should only name top 3s in the one-day races.

So I don't feel like it's worth it.

BUT! I'm currently making an alternative quiz for the 2018 Tour de France which I plan to copy for many Grand Tours going back in time. I think the nation/team clue has gone a bit stale, so this will be with different hints and random questions.

ETA this evening or early next week. I'll post it here when it's done.

By the way, I also made quizzes for 2010 and 2009 but they're called World Ranking instead of WorldTour.

tobydawq said:
As advertised above (though, noone has probably seen it yet), I have made a new type of quiz. I think it's more fun than the usual quizzes but am obviously biased.

Try it out and feel free to give feedback.

Ha, I played it yesterday but didn't make the connection to you. It's a good quiz with a nice little twist. Just way too hard for me considering I didn't get to watch a single stage.
When I get time later in the fall, I plan on making quizzes for all three Grand Tours, similar to what I have posted for the Tour and the Giro previously in this thread, but they take a while to make.

And to those who have said that the time is a bit too short: I'm sorry, I would like there to be no time limit, but Sporcle doesn't allow for that. Maximum time for a quiz is 20 minutes.
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