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Skidmark, thanks for the update!
Didn't get any points whatsoever from Le Samyn I think. Today, however, I expect Kump to win Trofej Umag.
On Saturday my team for Strade Bianche looks great on paper:
NIBALI Vincenzo
ANDERSEN Søren Kragh
MORTON Lachlan

Can't wait!
Thanks for the update!

I didnt think I would be 2nd lol. Some of the younger and lesser picked riders have really performed so far on my team while Ewan and Trentin has done what I hoped they would do, which is scoring points! I hope Landa get back soon though.

Strade Bianche
POWER Robert
CONCI Nicola
GAVIRIA Fernando

Power did great last year in this race... hopefully can score some points this year also. Interested to see how Mäder does. All in all, my expectations are pretty low though.
Thanks for the update, skidmark!

Surprised I managed to stay in the top 10 after a pretty bad week. I have the right riders in the right races, but they're just not doing anything.

Seems like Lars Boom's recent points have provisionally bumped me up another couple of places, as the teams immediately above me don't have him. I don't expect it to last long though, as I have only one rider in Strade Bianche (Bettiol).
Wow, now the full startlist for Saturday is up, I can get giddy. I think maybe some wee might come out.
Van Aert
Scotson C

I'd better get a few points with that lot ... although half of them will DNF.
Wowsers, my team is off to what I think is my worst start in game history! 96th place... at least I've got some company with former winner ingsve and podium finisher Nyssinator, as well as some other names who always do decently. It's a long season, and a large number of guys I picked I don't expect to score until later in the year, either because of later targets or recovery back into form after injury (Nibali, Aru, van de Poel, Chaves, Meintjes, Cavendish, Marini, Vakoc). But still - lots of early misfires (Lambrecht, O'Connor, Navardauskas, Cosnefroy) which is worrying.

Let's see where my hopes lie this week (aside from Samyn, where Boom got some points and Planckaert and Van Asbroeck got very small points - those are two guys I expect to shine more in the random French/Belgian 1.1 races that dot the calendar all year):

Strade Bianche

Vincenzo Nibali
Petr Vakoc
Alberto Bettiol
Fabio Felline
Fernando Gaviria

Well even though Nibali couldn't hang on the longer climbs in UAE, it's not impossible to imagine him having the punch for a result here. Felline would do well in an ideal world, and this will be a good litmus test of where he's at. The others I don't expect much from.

For the Belgian 1.1 race on Sunday, I have Rudy Barbier and Tom Van Asbroeck... this is exactly the kind of stuff I got them for, though they're on the same team, so although probably not both of them will score, I expect something from one of them.

Can't find a full lineup for the Sunday Italian race yet. Not for Paris-Nice either. So I guess that's mostly it.
Sep 19, 2011
Thanks for the update, didn't expect to be in top 10 but my rare and expansive picks like Kelderman and Adam Yates are rewarding me for now.

And I expect them well in both PN and TA
I have Nibali, Vakoc, Bettiol, Felline, Moschetti, Küng and Søren Kragh.

I fully expect Moschetti to win this race :p

No, but it's a decent team. Søren Kragh could be extremely well suited to the race, so I'm hoping he is back to full health. Felline has looked poor throughout the season so my hopes are not too high for him. Bettiol looked decent in Australia and has had a long layoff since CEGORR. He could be awesome on this route if he can refind his mojo. I don't expect much from Nibali. Vakoc has been number 5 here previously, and I could see him gain his first points for the season.
Looking forward to seeing both Michael Valgren and Søren Kragh Andersen in action at Strade Bianche this Saturday. Both of them have struggled with sickness lately, so their form is somewhat questionable, nonetheless in peak conditions, they could both be there at the end and race the final.

Kragh Andersen is a beast btw. Super, super all-round athlete. However, his rouleur skills are seriously impressive, he possesses an insane engine which combined with his grit and guts mentality makes for a special rider.

Also interested in seeing how Moschetti fares. He doesn't have many points yet, but he is one of the riders I have the best feeling about, very versatile for a fast man which his performance on Hatta Dam also clearly testifies. Hell of a prospect.
Another top 10 result in this update. That was unexpected but certainly a pleasant surprise

Lokks like I have these guys for SB
NIBALI Vincenzo
AFFINI Edoardo

Could be some good points there which would be good as don't think I have anything so far this week
Re: Re:

Jakob747 said:
tobydawq said:
I fully expect Moschetti to win this race :p
Quoted for truth. I really liked what I've seen from him so far.
He wasn't too impressive in the sprints, but if you followed him closely on those stages it was clear he had some difficulties with positioning himself onto the right wheel and getting boxed in. On Hatta Dam, no such issues, so he was free to show his power :cool:

But I was surprised by his performance on Hatta Dam. Last year, he had issues getting over even the smallest climbs, and I believe there was even an interview in which he said he really had to improve his climbing to be able to score results on the pro scene. Already on Mallorca, I noticed that even though he wasn't great on the hilly terrain, he wasn't among the worst either, despite the fact that he looks like he could lose some baby fat. Of course, Hatta Dam isn't really a climb, even Kittel had a decent result there in the past.

But let me come to my point, while I of course don't expect Moschetti to win or be anywhere near the top-10, I'm really curious to see how he holds up. I think he could become more of a classics-type sprinter, Degenkolb or Kristoff v2.0 in the future.

I noticed I missed Felline on the startlist, so seems I have 3 Italian Trekkies to keep an eye on :razz:
Wow, I'm third to last!
This is the lowest I've been since I began playing this game.

This week has started decently with some points from Boom, van Asbroeck and Planckaert in Le Samyn. Hoping for more classic points during the weekend.

Strade Bianche
Van Aert

Wout was spectacular last year here and I'm expecting a lot. Nibali has never performed so no expectations. Bettiol, Felline and Vakoc are all suited to such a parcours but I'm not sure about their shape.

Still waiting for an official startlist of the other 2 one day races. Hopefully Van Asbroeck can deliver.
GP Industria & Artigianato
MUÑOZ Cristian Camilo

Could be some points there.

Grote prijs Jean-Pierre Monseré
TOUZE Damien

Not expecting anything.

Paris - Nice
EWAN Caleb
CHAVES Esteban
ARU Fabio

Go Ewan, Trentin and Antunes!!
Damn, Küng finished pretty strong from the 2nd chase but of course was caught behind the decisive split again for the third time in a week :(
And my only rider in the first group, Bettiol, dropped completely out of the battle due to cramps.

At least Küng still got 15th and 20 points, better than nothing. Hoping he gets into the right group at some point this classics season because there's so much potential in him.

My riders for tomorrow's races:

Industria & Artigianato
Robert Stannard
Edoardo Affini
Matteo Fabbro
Aliaksandr Riabushenko
David Gaudu
Mattia Cattaneo
Vincenzo Albanese

Quite a few names that could do well here. Crossing my fingers.

GP Monseré
Loic Vliegen
Rudy Barbier

Vliegen looked good on Tuesday. Hoping he can show more of the same here.

Ivan Garcia Cortina
Esteban Chaves
Marcel Kittel
Ilnur Zakarin
Luke Rowe
Edward Theuns
Fabio Aru
Warren Barguil

Not expecting too much. The riders that could score points are very popular. The one I'm keeping an eye on is Barguil as he's a rare pick and looked decent last weekend.
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