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The 2021 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Page 21 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
Update #16: Hugo takes the lead again as leaderboard shuffles yet again

Pardon the later update this week, it's my first day off a very full-time work schedule since the weekend. At any rate, we are into the second week of the Giro and with a few other smaller races taking place last week, scores were all over the place. Let's take a look.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week
4Hugo Koblet544

A few more points than last week's leaderboard, as Hakkie2 takes it with just over 600. Their team's top scorer was double stage winner Caleb Ewan (140 points, 6 teams), followed by the ubiquitous Bernal (128 points) and the rarer Christophe Laporte (108 points, 32 teams). postmanhat grabs second with almost 600 points from Bernal, Laporte, and a swathe of supporting riders getting between 30-50 points. vladimir lands in third with a similar story to postmanhat.

This Week's High Movers


The podium repeats itself here, with no teams able to move up more than single digits this week.

Green Jersey Competition

1Hugo Koblet198.67

I may not have mentioned their team above, but Hugo was conspicuously lurking in 4th place in the Top Scorers category, and uses the 26 points obtained in the Green Jersey competition to leapfrog Otoxiep87 to move back into first in the competition. Hakkie2's 45 points for the weekly win move them into the top 5 as well - interesting that the three teams who got the year started with a tie for first place in week 2 (and the corresponding non-integer points totals) are all up in the top 5 here.

Top 10 Overall

2(+2)Total Package7455
5(+2)Armchair cyclist7272

Last week's leader Bicycle Boy only gets 56 points on the week (note - I didn't realize that our leader last week was one of the non-Bernal teams, which was an incredible feat!) and in a competition this close, that means their team slides down to sixth overall. With WvA and MvdP not collecting road race points for awhile, it will be hard to move back up. Game founder and former leader Hugo Koblet becomes the leader again, parlaying a top 5 week into what is now more than a 100 point lead. Despite the jumbling around within the top 10, no changes in the composition of the top 10 teams overall.

This week, the Giro is continuing, albeit still with only stage points, the postponed Andalucia will give some teams an opportunity to grab points in a thin field, and a couple of 1.1 races are happening on the weekend.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
yeah, Jungels is definitely up there with my worst picks as well.

was not expecting to get a mention this week. it is good to see Teunissen and ultra-rare pick B Plankaert coming back from whatever ailments they had, the latter nearly matching last year's score in one week is very promising.
Have ticked over quite well this week with a couple of stage wins at the Giro (Sagan and Van Der Hoorn), and additional points for Gavazzi, Lastra and a few others.

Now though, seven members of my team are currently sitting in the top 15 of the Giro -Bernal, Buchmann, Ciccone, Formolo. Yates, Evenepoel and Bardet. So of course, I'm anticipating various crashes and collapses eliminating them, until only the first two remain, who nearly everyone has anyway.

For Andalucia, my GC hope is Lastra, with Trentin and Jansen also riding

And then there were five

Really unfortunate circumstances for Buchmann to depart, but from a game point of view, not a disaster as he's quite popular

Evenepoel's demise might be more expected, but it leaves his chances of being a decent pick looking that much more unlikely

Could do with Yates, Bardet and possibly Ciccone all moving closer to the podium. Sagan winning stage 18 and the green jersey would be a nice bonus as well please
Update #17: Superman flies again

It was a fairly subdued week again as the Giro was the main focus but still with just stage points, the GC to come this week. The rescheduled Murcia and Andalucia races had juicy points on offer with relatively thin fields, giving some rare riders a chance to score big.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

Nyssinator tops the charts this week with over 500 points - of course 123 of those come from Bernal, who is owned by 83 teams, but 211 from Miguel Angel Lopez (15 teams), another 119 from Ethan Hayter (9 teams) who has been cleaning up lately, and 95 from Sagan (55 teams) really puts it over the top for Nyssinator. will10 is 39 points behind in second, with the same combo less Hayter and adding Gaviria (50 points, 33 teams). Londonpat rounds out the podium, topping 500 as well.

This Week's High Movers

318-Valve. (pithy)(+7)

Ooh we have a double digit mover this week! That's becoming increasingly rare, at least in weeks where people don't get thousands of points. will10 does one better than the first ranking, leaping 12 spots to be the high mover of the week. comodoro nabs second, while 18-Valve and LosBrolin share third, all three of them with the must-need lineup of the week including Lopez, Bernal, Sagan.

Green Jersey Competition

1Hugo Koblet198.67

Things are stable here as none of the top 5 (or top 10 for that matter) score any green jersey points this week.

Top 10 Overall

2(-)Total Package7742
4(+1)Armchair cyclist7569

Pretty stable here too - the podium stays the same, and all three of the top teams scored within 30 points of each other on the week. Down lower, a few teams swap spots but no one enters or leaves the top 10.

This week should be a doozy, with Giro GC points and some fairly popular riders doing quite well in the race. Expect a bit more movement!

Spreadsheet at dropbox
Lopez finally out of hibernation and on the plus side looking like he has some form
I guess we will get a better since at the Dauphine
A few more green Jersey points which is nice.

Am I right in saying nobody has Caruso in there team? Hoping for a decent result with 1st and 3rd but missing Bardet might hurt.
Pulling Carthy from the team might have been the biggest mistake to date but we will wait and see
I put a lot of my eggs into the Giro, and what a flop. Sivakov, Buchmann, Ciccone, Champoussin, Evenepoel all failed to finish and get me any GC points. What a waste. Thank goodness for Bardet and Foss so I didn't look the total fool.
Update #18: Giro GC Gives Great Gains While Bernal Buffers Baseline Scores

I dunno, I'm feeling in an alliterative mood at the moment. Anyway, the year's first GT is done and dusted, and it turns out that the winner (and by far the highest point scorer of the week) is the most popular player in this game. For some, that mostly means that his points are somewhat defensive (ie they prevent riders you don't have from scoring more), and for a select few that didn't pick Bernal, it was a devastating week. With a season already so highly scoring and the most popular rider floating most boats equally, there are bound to be some pretty high scores this week.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

Eleven teams scored over 1500 points this week, and a whopping 76 out of 93 scored over 1000. But the most went to postmanhat, who leads the week with an eye-popping 1827. As previously mentioned, Bernal helped that total quite a bit, scoring 780 points for his 83 owners. Nobody had Caruso in second overall, but 14 teams including postmanhat had Simon Yates in third, and got his 427 points on the week as well. And hey, why not throw in Romain Bardet and his 248 points for 7th on his Giro debut? All of the top 3 this week had this trio, and both postmanhat and 2nd place Londonpat had Formolo (92 points, 13 teams), Sagan (85 points, 55 teams), and Moscon (58 points, 39 teams). The difference maker on the week seems to be postmanhat's unique pick of Francesco Gavazzi and his 46 points. Well done!

This Week's High Movers

5the asian(+10)

The top of the order is flipped this week, with Londonpat edging out postmanhat. mineralJ slides into 3rd. It's notable that even with the astronomical points hauls this week, movement on the charts is limited to low double-digits. There have already been a lot of points scored this season!

Green Jersey Competition

1Hugo Koblet198.67

postmanhat's 45 points for the weekly win takes their team from outside the top 10 to 4th overall. No other movement/points scored for the leaders in the overall table this week.

Top 10 Overall

5(-4)Hugo Koblet8781
6(-2)Armchair cyclist8748

Hugo Koblet takes a tumble out of the top spot this week, as their team had an off week (one of the few teams to score less than 1000 points on the week, they had 5 riders score, with 780, 85, 38, 32, and 3 as those riders' point totals). If this season has shown anything, they will likely climb back up again. Moving into the top spot again is Total Package, who had a decently solid week (1340 points, 30th on the week) to become the first team this year to crack 9000 points. Northerner moves up a spot and game veteran and frequent high performer Squire makes a first appearance on the podium this year (I believe?) Despite the shuffling around on the table, there's only one new team in the top 10, and that's manafana moving up from 11th, at the expense of Bicycle Boy, who falls all the way from 6th to 34th with one of the few Bernal-less teams.

So, now that the Giro's over we get a bit of rest before - oh wait, the Dauphine's already started! Okay, no rest at all. Dauphine, Suisse, Tour - all of it's coming up rapidly in this Olympic(?) year. The end of the first GT of the year is a significant milestone though, showing that the spring is truly ending and we move into summer racing.

spreadsheet at dropbox
Today a second Dauphine stage win for my team. I'll happily take this. Plus a few other nice stage placings as well. My GC points don't look all that good, but at least my team has racked up some really nice stage points.
I may need to go back and check, but I think I've had at least 1 rider on the podium in every stage of the Dauphine so far. One more stage, so who knows if that will continue, but this has been a surprise.
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Fairly sure that's the first time I've had the highest score in six years of playing, and have moved up 20 places to just outside the top ten. So I should be happy? Of course not.

Buchmann, Ciccone and Evenepoel all crashed out in the last week. The majority of my GC team was at the Giro so needed a big result to compensate for the quiet summer ahead till the Olympics. As evidenced by having no GC riders at the Dauphine, but luckily Colbrelli put in another great performance to net 185 points, so shouldn't fall too far back.

Suisse - Vansevant, Jungels, Latour, Laporte, F.Vermeersch, Jansen and Vanmarcke. Maybe the first three can do something on the GC, and Laporte might have a chance of finishing second to MVDP on some stages. Was hoping Higuita would put in an appearance, but he seems to have disappeared
Update #19: Dauphine shakes up standings

No rest after the Giro finish - the Dauphine started on the last day of the Giro, and after 8 stages, a good number of high profile riders of medium popularity in the game filled up the overall standings. Without the baseline of Bernal's points to raise most teams, there was some more differentiation this week than last, which led to some fluctuation at the top.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

Tigerion blew away the competition this week, scoring almost 1000 points with a lineup including 255 points from Lutsenko (who is finally performing for the 31 teams that have him), 210 from Geraint Thomas (31 teams), 136 from Jack Haig (4 teams), 128 from Superman Lopez (15 teams), and 87 from Gaudu (19 teams). An impressive array. Bonimenier is over 130 points back in second place, with Lutsenko/Thomas being supplmented by a good week from Colbrelli (151, 18) and the evergreen Valverde (111, 4). escartin squeezes into third with a similar lineup (swap out Valverde for Gaudu and you've got the gist of it).

This Week's High Movers


There's a tie atop these standings, with Tigerion getting the double win but sharing this one with del1962, who was 12th in the Top Scorers ranking but was evidently at a bunched up point in the standings.

Green Jersey Competition

1Hugo Koblet198.67

No changes in the top 5 here; the highest point scorer was Tigerion moving into 7th overall with the 45 points provided by the weekly win.

Top 10 Overall

6(-)Armchair cyclist9185
7(-2)Hugo Koblet9132

Lots of movement here, although Total Package hangs onto the lead. Squire switches spots with Northerner behind and pulls within 100 points of the lead, and Object leaps up to tie for the third podium spot. MADRAZO comes back into the top 10 at the expense of manafana, who falls out. Lots of movement below the top 10 as well, check out the table to see.

There's a lot of racing this week, with the Tour du Suisse underway, but also two 2.Pro races in Slovenia and Belgium and a 2.1 race in France, plus a couple of 1.1s sprinkled in, as well as the Baby Giro for the youths. Then after this week it's national champs week, and then the Tour already!

spreadsheet at dropbox