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The 2021 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Page 31 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
Year in Review: September

The last full month of the cycling calendar was the biggest with regards to points in the CQ game. The Vuelta GC was decided early in the month, and even with the cancellation of some planned races (eg the Canadian races), the Worlds added significantly to point totals. And finally, since the last week of September ended on the Sunday of October 3rd, Paris-Roubaix points were counted towards September as well.

September's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this month
2Total Package4437

Squire had a magnificent month, nabbing more than twice as many points as the highest scorers in August. By far, the best scorer on the team was Sonny Colbrelli, who got 949 points. Of course, 280 of those came from winning a monument, but that leaves another 650+ he got on the month from winning the Benelux Tour (in fact with stage points he totalled higher than P-R from this race), European championships, 10th at the Worlds, winning a 1.1 race and getting 2nd in a 1.PS race. A solid career in the span of a month. Somewhat further back for Squire was Michael Valgren coming alive with 425 points from his Worlds podium, as well as wins in a 1.PS and 1.1 race. Each of these riders was relatively rare (18 teams) and so this gave Squire a big leg up. Aside from them, the bright lights were many, including Laporte (317, 32 teams), Jordi Meeus (256, 8), Bernal (246, 83), Trentin (213, 36), Moscon (200, 39), Sagan (197, 55), and 8 more riders over 100. A huge month!

Total Package finishes a mere 16 points (or .3%) behind Squire for the month, good for second here but of course accompanied by the significant consolation of a rise up the overall standings. Total Package has the same bright lights at the top (Colbrelli and Valgren), but concentrates scoring with fewer riders, including Adam Yates (364, 13), then Laporte, Mader (250, 6), Bernal, Viviani (234, 32), Trentin, Sagan, and 4 more riders over 100. Northerner has a very decent third place showing, with of course Colbrelli leading the way, but Alaphilippe (523, 27) taking the place of Valgren, and a smattering of already named riders including Yates, Laporte, Bernal, Trentin, Moscon. Too much scoring this month to name them all!

Top 10 at the end of September

3Total Package17929

The die was pretty cast by this point - in the few remaining weeks, the top 8 would stay in the same order. But Object was lucky to have that 1200 point lead after August, because it had been reduced by 1000 at this point! Squire and Total Package parlayed their incredibly strong September showings into podium places in the overall.

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Year in Review: October

Okay, this one was less than a half month. Really, since the first weekend of October with Roubaix was included in the September review, it was mostly the week of October 4th-10th, which was packed with races, but was only one week. There were several 1.PS races in Italy leading up to Lombardia, several 1.1 races in France leading up to Paris-Tours, and a few other races. After that week, there were the British championships and a couple of wind-down races before the road season and CQ game ended in earnest. Let's take a last look over 2021.

October's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this month
718-Valve. (pithy)804

Nicosix takes the final honors of the season, and can largely thank solo pick Arne Marit, who scored 211 of his 356 seasonal points in October, at a cost of 14! David Gaudu (170 points, 19 teams) and Alexey Lutsenko (140 points, 31 teams) also contributed, with great ends to great seasons. Jon Ezeitza slotted in at second, only 6 points back. This was thanks to top picks Adam Yates (223 points, 13 teams), Matteo Trentin (159 points, 36 teams), Sergio Higuita (108 points, 30 teams), Julian Alaphilippe (105, 27), as well as rarer pick Matthew Walls, who got 130 points for a breakout win at Piemonte. Northerner rounds out the podium a little ways back with 847 points, thanks to the exact same combo of riders as Jon Ezeitza save Walls.

Top 10 Overall

3Total Package18676

The top 10 takes its final shape, with Squire inching so close to Object but unable to overturn the massive advantage at the end. New entrants since September in the bottom two slots, and they end up tied! After a wild year of scoring, it was a very strong final leaderboard.

And that wraps up the year in review! Just a month into 2022, no big deal. Let's enjoy the new racing season coming up!

spreadsheet link