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The 2022 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Page 20 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
Also, I can't find one good reason for Bettiol to ride Gran Camino instead of the opening weekend or even the French semi-classics.
Hopefully PCS is wrong about it.

Turns out he isn't riding Gran Camino now. Straight into Strade Bianche after a month away from racing?

Good news for those of us with Moscon. His recovery from bronchitis must be going well, as he's now back in the starting list for Omloop, though this will now his first race of the season. Followed by Laiguelglia midweek, then Strade, and Tirreno.
Gran Camino
Jakob Fuglsang

Bettiol seems to have been removed from the startlist, but Fuglsang should have a good chance here if all is well.

Omloop / K-B-K
Florian Veemersch
Oliver Naesen
Gianni Moscon
Thomas Pidcock
Søren Kragh Andersen
Fabio Jakobsen
Matthew Walls
Gerben Thijssen

Decent line-up on paper and Jakobsen should have a good chance in K-B-K, if it ends in a sprint.

Faun-Ardèche Classic / Drome Classic
Juan Ayuso
Lennard Kämna
Nicolas Edet
Thibaut Pinot

Keeping expectations low and hope someone has a good race in either of these ones.
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The classics riders on my team have decided they aren't really in to riding the spring classics? I was expecting points in the spring one day races from Quinn Simmons, Bettiol, Simon Carr and Ben Tullet. They are nowhere to be found on the startlists this weekend! I am starting to wonder if EF is even interested in bike racing? Their racing schedule is very sparse for a WT team. Their absence is not helping my CQ team in the least. EDIT: I stand corrected. Simmons showed up on the start list in France today.
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Classics! Favourite part of the season and my teams always have a heavy bias towards them, but I couldn't find as much value as normal this year, and wasn't going to risk selecting Sagan again after last season. Naesen, Tullet and Simmons could all have easily been picked, but in the end my line-up for Omloop is;


First race for Moscon after bronchitis, and Pidcock didn't look on top form at Algarve. So mostly I'll watching with interest how Turner and Askey ride, and looking for good performances from Andersen and Vermeersch.


This is why I, and am sure others, picked Gregoire. Hoping he'd be promising enough to given chances with the WT team. Some signs of decent form from Kron and Calmejane would be a bonus.
Didn't want to tempt fate as I know how these African stage races can go sometimes but cool to see Tesfatsion close out GC in Rwanda, only four of us with him onboard :)

And I am happy with Ewart in 3rd instead, who is a rare pick as well :)

Was hoping for a bit more from Gorka in Galicia, though. With basically no time trial competition, a top 5 could have been within reach, even as 2nd domestique on the team.
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Was not going well this week until today. Jakobsen and Ewan in Kuurne and Ayuso in Drome. Naesen looking good and picked up a nice haul of points in OHN. UAE was a bust. Narvaez so close to scoring big. Hopefully he will get some good results soon.
Some points from Naesen, Jakobsen, Kämna, Ayso and Fuglsang makes it a solid week, I think. Some minor points from Pidcock, Moscon, Andersen and Vermeersch as well.

Next week there are some more one-day races. Looking at the startlists, but still pretty provisional startlists for the Italian ones, it looks alright. Hopefully many riders will not be removed and more added instead.

Le Samyn
Oliver Naesen
Matthew Walls
Fabio Jakobsen
Florian Vermeersch

Trofeo Laigueglia
Gianni Moscon
Giulio Ciccone
Antonio Tiberi
Nicolas Edet
Juan Ayuso

Strade Bianche
Jakob Fuglsang
Sergio Higuita
Jai Hindley
Milan Vader
Tom Dumoulin
Gianni Moscon
Thibaut Pinot
Thomas Pidcock
Lennard Kämna (added)

MAL (added)

Surely Bettiol will be added to SB for EF? I hope so. Edit: Nope. :(
Maybe Buchmann and Kämna for Bora could be added as well.

Looking forward to next week with a hopeful outlook. Many riders in action it seems like.
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Another terrible week. Nothing from UAE, Gran Camino and Omloop. A handful of points from Ardeche, and then Ewan and Ayuso today. The only consolation is that it is, theoretically, quite difficult for my team to continue being this bad.

La Samyn

Fairly strong start-list for this, so anything from these riders would be a bonus.
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Update #7: ray10's run to the top continues

Opening Weekend has come and gone, and the CQ game is continuing to take shape. While stage races take a back seat for a couple of weeks, the classics stars come to the fore. Let's see how it shook out.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week
3DJ Sprtsch683
4Eyeballs Out669

Nyssinator tops 700 points for the week to take the top spot, thanks to some good placings in 1.Pro races... both Jakobsen (39 teams) and the continuing success of McNulty (8 teams) lead to 130 points for winning a race, while Vansevenant (12 teams) and Ewan (69 teams) get 78 points for 2nd. will10 lands in 2nd for the week thanks to Jakobsen as well, but their team's highest scorer was actually rare pick Natnael Tesfatsion (135, 4 teams) for winning the 2.1 Tour of Rwanda. DJ Sprtsch nabs the final podium spot led by the same Jakobsen/Tesfatsion combo. Interestingly, even though Pogacar and Van Aert have been picked by a few teams and ended up with the highest scores on the week, it was the more balanced teams with multiple scorers that prevailed.

Green Jersey Competition

ray10 was already in top spot with 80 points coming into this week, and got 22 points for 5th on the week to extend their lead. Nyssinator uses the 45 points on the week to leapfrog into 2nd overall, and Eyeballs Out also moves up after picking up 26 points this week.

Top 10 Overall

4(+12)Eyeballs Out1965
6(+25)DJ Sprtsch1900
8(+20)Total Package1860

After leading for a couple of weeks, EvansIsTheBest slips a little, as their team was 72nd on the week and other teams did quite a bit better. The already mentioned ray10 and Nyssinator take over the top 2 spots as the podium breaks 2000 points. Eyeballs Out, DJ Sprtsch, Total Package, Nakazar and MADRAZO move into the top 10, while comodoro, Crevaison, Vladimir and Berflamand fall out.

This week is a rare stage raceless week, but we have Le Samyn, Laigueglia and Strade Bianche, with Paris-Nice starting on Sunday as well.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
Gazprom banned from competition, until further notice. No problem with that. It was inevitable.

Wonder what will happen to the riders now. Some of them has surely been picked by a few here?

Im one of the Andrea Piccolo owners.
I picked Piccolo in both the emerging riders and the main game. Doesn't look like the luckiest guy out there considering how his career has gone since being one of the most talented juniors of his generation. Hopefully one of the Italian PCT teams signs him. He's managed by Johnny Carera so finding a team shouldn't be that hard.
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