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The 2023 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Page 53 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
So of the three major expensive picks widely discussed in the beginning, it seems like Roglic+VDP was the way to go. And a lot of cheap picks like Bol and Schelling have done well enough that going top-heavy would have been good.

With me having such a bad season due to going against my own better judgement and omitting Roglic, I have had a brief look with a view to next season. And it can turn out to be really interesting and fun to make a team, because almost all of the big names are having decent seasons. There aren't really any clear game-defining super obvious picks that everyone needs to have, á la Roglic this year. Unless Ayuso breaks his collarbone tomorrow.
Update #34: Dane of Terror: Redhead steps up to win the week

Okay, looks like CQ either got my email or coincidentally fixed their August 27th update, one week later. So let's catch up on this one and get update 35 out in a few days!

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week
3Blues in the bottle621

This week saw the points pile on from the Renewi Tour, Poitou Charentes, and Deutschland Tour. Redhead Dane leads the week by almost sweeping all three winners - their team's biggest riders were Ilan Van Wilder (202 points, 34 teams, won Deutschland), Florian Vermeersch (171, 7, 2nd in Renewi), and Soren Waerenskjold (152, 11, won Poitou). Second on the week is Sneekes with Van Wilder, Mike Teunissen (141, 18) and Jasper Stuyven (127, 23). Third is a familiar name, as Blues in the bottle comes back with a vengeance after a quiet month or so, thanks to IVW, Stuyven and Kevin Vermaerke (77, 4).

This Week's High Movers


A very different list here, headlined by MADRAZO moving up 14 points thanks to Van Wilder/Teunissen, Bonimenier moving up 11 thanks to Van Wilder/Lampaert/Stuyven, and both BlueRoads and vladimir moving up 10 spots.

Green Jersey Competition

1Blues in the bottle272.5

Just as several teams were within striking distance, Blues in the bottle scores 30 more points to go into a lead of more than a weekly win (45 points). Senderos moves more clearly into 2nd with 10 points on the week, with no one else scoring in the top 5.

Top 10 Overall

1(-)Blues in the bottle12829

Same story as the green jersey competition here - after letting competitors inch closer in recent weeks, Blues in the bottle gains about 200 points on their team's closest competitors to move back into a lead of over 650 points. repre and Riverside hold steady on the podium, although teams are getting close behind. No teams moving in or out of the top 10 this week.

Of course, this most recent week saw the first week of the Vuelta, Bretagne classic, and a few smaller races. We'll see how that shook out in a couple of days - I'm just in transit for the next day or so, so expect the next update Wednesday most likely .

spreadsheet at dropbox
Are you certain there aren't a few gremlins on behalf of CQ here @skidmark? Felix Gall is listed as having scored 15 points for me in this update, but he hasn't raced since the Klasikao
CQ throws up little gremlins quite frequently: I see a few negative scores every month when I do the emerging riders.

But they are quite good at correcting it (which is how the negative scores arise) so I think the scores long term are reliable enough. This might be that Gall had 15 points that he earned some time ago and have only now been credited to him.

The results that give him CQ points tally with his results shown at PCS.
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BitB does not have Martinez or Almeida (the latter is also on multiple teams in the top-10), but yes, Kuss is going to need to fall back significantly to keep the game competitive after the end of the Vuelta.
I used to think a late Ayuso charge might have injected a bit more suspense but it doesn't look like he'll get a huge haul out of the Vuelta. In any case the best Ayuso team is waku waku in 13th but even with Roglic + Almeida + Uijtedebroeks + Martinez as well, the 1600 points gap is probably too big to overcome even if Kuss falters.

If BitB goes the distance, there's a decent argument that it's the most dominant team in the history of the game. Obviously they aren't going to get the eye popping totals that skidmark's 2012 or Object's 2021 achieved considering how low scoring this year is. They might not even get the scoring margin than skidmark in 2012 or myself in 2022 managed but they are going to be the closest thing to a wire-to-wire victory that this game has ever seen (with a huge buffer throughout to boot).
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