The Caleb Ewan vs. Fernando Gaviria Thread

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ClassicomanoLuigi said:

It's not even close, and Ewan has won those TdF stages this year because of the unusually weak field, including the absence of Gaviria, who got injured and isn't there. Photo-finish with Groenwegen in Stage 11 and edging Viviani / Groenwegen by a wheel-length in stage 16

Ewan is a one-trick pony who is also inferior in strategy and style.
Posts a list where the majority of results are from *** tier races as proof?
Gaviria needs to figure out how to stay off the ground. We're not really getting the Ewan-Gaviria rivalry we thought we might have as it seems like a bunch of the best sprinters these days are young and around the same age. Ewan, Gaviria and Ackermann were all born in 1994 and Groenewegen in 1993. Those 4 along with whoever happens to be QS' top sprinter in any given year should be the top guys going forward but I wonder if any of them will truly separate himself enough to "best sprinter in the world" level.
Speaking of 1994 births. Of interest is what a great future reference race the world junior track omnium was in Moscow for this age group and even though they were first year juniors, they dominated the event.

Gold.. Caleb Ewan the most consistent but didn't win any of the 6 events.

Bronze... Dylan Kennett, if you haven't heard of him he won three events in the Moscow omnium, scratch race, kiloTT and flying lap and then went on to be world champion with New Zealand at team pursuit in 2015 and then an Olympian in Rio in the Omnium (8th over all after winning the scratch race bunch sprint for 5th from Cavendish, Viviani and Gaviria in order, then won the KiloTT and Flying Lap ) and also Rio Team Pursuit (4th)

4th... Pascal Ackermann who won the elimination in Moscow

Thomas Boudat and Niccolo Bonifazio also raced this Moscow omnium.

Caleb Ewan wins this year's final tour stage on the Champs Elysees with Niccolo Bonifazio third.

Fernando Gaviria won the world junior omnium title in New Zealand the following year.

Who says junior track stars don't make the grade as road pros?
The facts are that Ewan was hyped and I mean HYPED from the age of sixteen as the next Robbie Mcewan in Australia - He's had tonnes of pressure on his shoulders from the media and the public from an early age and has admirably coped with the pressure -I remember the 2014 Commonwealth games RR and the Aussie press had him as the favorite which was crazy, in which he was totally outclassed by Geraint Thomas - He has had luck on his side in that he's never suffered any serious injuries from crashes or training. It was pleasing to see him win the Brussels Classic in filthy conditions with winds and cobbles - This can only help future racing.
For our collective humility, I bump this.

For a time it really looked like Gaviria was going to be an absolute superstar of both classics and bunch sprints, in comparison to Ewan ending up a middle of the road b-grade one trick pony sprinter.

But man, has Ewan matured. I always kind of believed in him, but even so, I never thought he'd be nailing tdf sprints like he is now. Chapeau.

Will be good to see them both at the top of their game at the same time/same race. It's been a while.....
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Absolutely, but I feel like Gav hasn’t had a great time of training recently. I still want to see Gav in a new year where he is not sick and can train well and see how he does then.

That said, Ewan for now is the better man.
It’s funny to think how much contempt Ewan used to attract. He has just finished his season with his tenth win after winning big in the GTs earlier in the year. I doubt if Lotto are regretting replacing Greipel.
Some people were forgetting his age and inexperience. I always thought he would improve. It took McEwen quite a while to win against the best. Obviously Greipel is in the Cavendish category now, getting closer to retirement, past his best and been that way for a while now. Didn't need much thought to sign Ewan..
Don't think there's much between the two (and a couple others) at this point. I guess it's been that way for a while now. Sure you get small ebbs and flows of form and injury issues but for the most part with the top guys, it just seems to just come down to the day, positioning, and timing.

I guess we'll get to see them head to head at the Giro, especially with Ackermann, Groenewegen, and Jakobsen not there.
Too bad team UAE is so stacked that Gaviria didn't have a spot in their squad so he can beat Ewan again. Anyway, I'm sure Ewan can hardly sleep thinking about his humiliating 114th place in a stage at the Tour of Guangxi he so desperately tried to win. :D
This is exactly what Ewan said on the podium.. " glad I redeemed myself today after Guangxi..! That 114th place really got under my skin!! Does anyone have the registration form for next years ToG? "This TDF win really boosts my confidence for really hard races in China