The Cat Thread

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Feb 28, 2010
Susan Westemeyer said:
Very sorry to say that Kitty has gone to sleep forever and now rests in our garden, which she loved so much. Her kidneys started failing and there was nothing else to do.

RIP, sweet little Kitty.
Very sad to hear this. We have three Siamese cats, and one black British Short Hair (or moggie, or witch's cat). Our two female Siameses have got the onset of kidney problems and are on the kidney food, one is 15 and the other 13. Our boy Siamese and girl Black Short Hair are on constant nightly patrol attempting to keep various hedgehogs and cheeky foxes out of our garden!
Susan Westemeyer said:
Very sorry to say that Kitty has gone to sleep forever and now rests in our garden, which she loved so much. Her kidneys started failing and there was nothing else to do.

RIP, sweet little Kitty. very hard to lose our little family members..sad for your loss..:(
I'm sorry to hear about your loss Susan. May I ask how old she was?

Behind my house there is huge green area where some locals grow vegetables and other plants and it's filled with stray cats. It is a true cat paradise due to the amount of small animals such as mice and even reptiles and sometimes birds they use to prey. Four years ago one of the cats among others that we used to feed regularly, had a litter that, for some reason, early developed a respiratory illness. All of them. Two of the kittens died a few days later, remaining other two. Little more than a week had passed until both seen their health deteriorate for what I discovered later to be pneumonia. One of those days I went to visit them and one was in the middle of the concrete floor, near some old furniture, stumbling and breathing fast. I knew he was not well and I hurried to take him to the nearest vet, with my hands, without any box or anything. I was thirteen years old at the time and as you can imagine I was in panic. Everything fell apart when I arrived at the door of the vet and he was not there. I knocked and nearly kicked the door. In my innocence and abstraction, I was expecting him to come to my aid somehow. Meanwhile, the kitten - true unspoiled beauty - hastened it's breathing until it heavily sighed one last time. I can not explain, but I felt at that precise moment life disappear into the nothing, and leave there in my arms, still, the body of an animal that I swear could be the true synonym of physical perfection. I cried and cried as never before, right there in the middle of the street with it still in my arms. I will never forget that moment. Not only because of what happened, but because it marked a turning point in my life where I decided to never eat meat again. Veganism came recentely. I started to value all life and only find it sad that for such change to take place, that animal died. I still find it funny how such small creatures can change us so deeply. The other kitten also died, during the night, likely the same way.

Just wanted to say that I relate to your loss and know exactly what you're going through.
My husband has said he doesn't want to get another cat, because he couldn't bear to go through the pain of the loss again.

We adopted Kitty as an adult cat 8 years ago, and don't really know how old she was. It was clear though the last few years that she was elderly, without being real OLD. We figure she was maybe 12-14 years.
Dec 7, 2010
This forum must be dead if no one else has bumped what is certainly the most relevant cat/cycling article to ever hit the CN homepage.

Neither Susan nor Mew pounced on this article? :eek:

It's a cat on a track!

A cat invades the track at the Gent Six

The racing during the first night of the Gent Six was suspended briefly after a cat some how managed to get onto the track.

A video posted on YouTube by spectator Hugo Willems showed how the line of riders went close to hitting the cat before it jumped back into the stands. It was eventually captured by a spectator.

Granville57 said:
What research says about cats: they're selfish, unfeeling, environmentally harmful creatures
funny article with such nonsense conclusions. Quality research and journalism...

I love the 'strange situation' experiment example used to compare a pack animal versus an independent animal. Maybe they should try the same test using teenagers instead of small children and see the results.
On that comparison, should we conclude that cats are more mature or grown up than dogs?

The affection one was good - I now see our old cat in a completely different light. It rubbed itself against the coffee table just as much as it did our legs. What a hussy!!

And then comes the "environmental disaster" bit - this coming from a species that's responsible for the extinction of thousands of other species...

Then comes T. Gondii - the real reason for the crazy cat lady down the street!
Hi cat people. According to an article in USA Today, some researchers believe cats are closer to lions than any other cat. Just about any cat owner will agree that your cuddly little pet can also be a hunter, happy to kill birds, mice or any other small critter they can sink their claws and jaws into. Or put another way, your cat may be impulsive, neurotic, and even want to kill you. Meow!